Rethinking Reform in the Latin West, 10th to Early 12th Century

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This collection of studies investigates how people of the 10th to early 12th century experienced and represented processes of intentional change in the Church, and what the consequences are of modern scholars’ reliance on ‘reform’ to describe and interpret these processes. In 11 thematic chapters it takes stock of the current state of research and offers suggestions to deepen our understanding of the ideological, institutional, and cultural dynamics at play.
Contributors are Julia Barrow, Robert F. Berkhofer III, Gordon Blennemann, Katy Cubitt, Nicolangelo D'Acunto, Anne-Marie Helvétius, Ludger Körntgen, Rutger Kramer, Brigitte Meijns, Diane Reilly, Rachel Stone, and Steven Vanderputten.

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Steven Vanderputten, Ph.D. (2000), Ghent University, is Senior Full Professor of Medieval History at Ghent University. He has published numerous studies on monasticism in the early and high middle ages, including Medieval Monasticisms. Forms and Experiences of the Monastic Life in the Latin West,/i> (De Gruyter/Oldenbourg, 2020).
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Rethinking Reform: an Introduction
Steven Vanderputten

PART 1: Deconstructing/Reconstructing Reform

1 The Problem(s) with the Carolingian Reform(s)
Rutger Kramer
2 Deconstructing/Reconstructing Monastic Reform
Steven Vanderputten
3 Deconstructing and Reconstructing Clerical Reform
Brigitte Meijns
4 Deconstructing/Reconstructing Papal Reform
Nicolangelo D’Acunto

PART 2: The Societal Dimensions of Reform

5 The Societal Background and Impact of ‘Reform’
Robert F. Berkhofer III
6 Transformations of Lay and Clerical Masculinities
Rachel Stone
7 Changes in Lay Piety and Devotion
Catherine Cubitt

PART 3: Continuities and Transformations in Texts, Artistic Expressions, and Terminologies

8 Reforming Approaches and Continuous Enhancement: Penance and the Penitentials
Ludger Körntgen
9 Continuities and Transformations in Hagiography
Gordon Blennemann and Anne-Marie Helvétius
10 Continuities and Transformations in Art, Manuscript Culture, and Architecture
Diane Reilly
11 Vocabularies and Narratives of Reform
Julia Barrow

Graduate students and specialists of medieval history, more specifically the ecclesiastical and religious history of the ninth- to twelfth-century Latin West.
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