Urban Movements and Their Impact on Spatial Transformation


Migration is no longer a movement from the rural to the urban, but rather from city to city or from the city to the metropolis in this swiftly urbanising world. This book uses new paradigms to explain why urban movements rise from the development of cities and are gradually increasing. It urges new Urban Studies to recognise that the rate of urbanisation occurring in developing regions is higher than that of developed regions and that the change is profound. A multidisciplinary approach is a prerequisite for Urban Studies to understand urban movements and the struggle for urban space in the nearby future of cities worldwide.

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Cumhur Olcar holds a Ph.D. in Urban Studies/Affairs (HBVU, 2020). His research interests are urban sociology, sustainable cities, urban design, and urban governance. Among his publications are "Covid-19 Crisis and Turkish Disaster Management: Search for a Model and Efficiency", Social Sciences Studies Journal 7(92) and "Sustainable tourism community: A case study of Istanbul", Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism (2020). Cumhur Olcar has been teaching at Amasya University since 2017.
1 Introduction
 1 Focus and Context

2 Contribution to Knowledge

2 The Spirit of the Time for Cities
1 The Birth, Rise, and Spread of the City

2 Decline or Progress?

3 Urban Movements in the Time of Urbanisation
1 Why Should We Call the Term ‘Urban Movements’?

2 Sociology of Urban Movements

3 Conflict and Collective Movement

4 Political Transition for Transformation

5 Globalising Movements in the Age of Urbanisation

6 Reasons behind the Emerging Urban Movements

7 Portrait of Urban Movements: Organisational Ability for Struggle

8 Fake or Fortune: Communal Action for Identity and Dignity

4 Space of Urban Movements
1 City, Space, and Time

2  City, Space, and Citizen

3  Riotous Cities

4  Dwellers of the Dream Streets

5  Reflection of Digital Space

6  Evolution of Space

5 The Case Study Beyoğlu, Istanbul

6 Conclusion Urban Movements and Their Space



All interested in the history of the urban movements and the urbanisation of cities, and anyone concerned with struggle for urban spaces in cities.
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