Humanitarian Islam

Reflecting on an Islamic Concept


Humanitarian Islam is an innovative concept that has begun emerging from the traditions of Islam in Indonesia in recent years. The most important contemporary Islamic organizations in Indonesia support it. Nevertheless, it seems to be unknown beyond the Southeast Asian context, despite its global potential, aspirations and claims. Moreover, the concept has not received any academic attention so far. This volume presents reflections on the idea of Humanitarian Islam by Muslim and non-Muslim scholars from Europe and beyond.

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Rüdiger Lohlker is professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Vienna since 2003. His fields of research are the history of Islamic ideas, Islamic law, Islam in Indonesia, Arab and Islamic world online, modern Islamic movements, and the history of sciences in the Islamic world. Katharina Ivanyi is a historian of Islam in the pre-modern and modern periods with interests in Islamic law, theology, Sufism and contemporary Islamic political thought. She received her PhD from Princeton University in 2012 and is currently Elise Richter Fellow at the Institut für Orientalistik at the University of Vienna.
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