European Investment Law and Arbitration Review

Volume 7 (2022), Published under the auspices of Queen Mary University of London and EFILA


With the entrance of the European Union into the field of International Investment Law and Arbitration, a new specialist field of law, namely ‘European Investment Law and Arbitration’ is in the making. This new field of law draws on EU Law, Public International Law, International Investment Law, International Arbitration Law and Practice and International Economic Law, while other fields of law such as Energy Law are also relevant.
This Review is the first law yearbook that is specifically dedicated to the field of ‘European Investment Law and Arbitration’.

Published under the auspices of Queen Mary University of London and EFILA.

The European Investment Law and Arbitration Review is also available online.

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Loukas Mistelis is a Professor of Transnational Law and Arbitration and Director of the School of International Arbitration at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London.

Nikos Lavranos, is Guest Professor for International Investment Law at the Free University Brussels, Brussels Diplomatic Academy; first Secretary General of EFILA and founder and owner of NL-Investmentconsulting.
Prof. Loukas Mistelis (Queen Mary University of London)
Prof. Nikos Lavranos (Free University Brussels; Secretary General of EFILA)

Managing Editors:
Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi (Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham)
Trisha Mitra (Lalive, London)
Samuel Pape (Latham & Watkins, London)
Emilie Gonin (Doughty Street Chambers, London)
Mark McCloskey (Associate, Debevoise & Plimpton, London)
Peter Burgess (South Square, London)

The Editorial Board Members:
Dr. Gloria Maria Alvarez, LLM (Aberdeen University)
Dr. Crina Baltag, LLM (Stockholm University)
Prof. Andrea Bjorklund (McGill University, Montreal)
Dr. Erhard Böhm (Baier - Rechtsanwälte - Attorneys at Law)
Kristin Campbell-Wilson (Secretary General of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
Prof. Mark Feldman (Peking University)
Dr. Filippo Fontanelli (University of Edinburgh)
Norah Gallagher, LLM (Queen Mary University of London)
Nelson Goh (Debevoise & Plimpton, London)
Prof. Robert Howse (New York University)
Prof. em. Catherine Kessedjian (University of Paris 2)
Prof. Sebastien Manciaux (Bourgogne University)
Dr. Inga Martinkute, LLM (Vilnius University)
Prof. Dr. Yannick Radi, (UCLouvain School of Law / Sciences Po Law School)
Prof. August Reinisch (Vienna University)
Samantha J. Rowe (Debevoise & Plimpton, London)

1 Intra-EU Application of the Energy Charter Treaty: A Critical Analysis of the cjeu ’s Ruling in Republic of Moldova
  Paschalis Paschalidis

2 The European Union’s Proposed Amendments to Article 10(1) of the ect : Advancing or Undermining Its Ambitions for the Green Transition?
  Ceyda Knoebel and Stephanie Collins

3 Does the cjeu Misunderstand Investment Treaty Arbitration in Commission v Micula?
  Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi and Maxim Usynin

4 Veolia v Republic of Lithuania: A Case on the Legality of the Suspended Intra-EU Investment Arbitration and the Question of Lis Pendens
  Rytis Satkauskas

5 The Law of Arbitration and EU Law – like Oil and Water?
  Morten Broberg and Niels Fenger

6 Ratification of the isds Provisions in ceta – Current Court and Legislative Challenges – an Overview
  Patrick Leonard

Essay Competition 2022
7 Going Out of Business: Representing Insolvent Claimants Seeking Investment Treaty Protection in Arbitrations Brought against States (Winner of the Essay Competition 2022)
  Velislava Hristova and Stanislav Cherkezov

8 Republic of Italy v Athena Investments A/S Before the Swedish Courts: Is There Still a Life After the cjeu ’s Decision in Komstroy and pl  Holdings?
  Anina Liebkind, Fredrik Norburg and Andreas Holst

9 Green Power K/S and sce  Solar Don Benito aps  v Kingdom of Spain: How EU Law Allegedly Trumps International Investment Law
  Nikos Lavranos

Focus Section on efila
10 Energy Charter Treaty and the Paris Agreement – Friends or Foes? – 7th efila Lecture (28 October 2021)
  Annette Magnusson

11 Report on the 7th Annual efila Conference 2022 on Whether the EU Is Still an Attractive fdi Destination Post-Achmea and Komstroy
  Emma Iannini

Book Reviews
  China’s Treaty Policy and Practice in International Investment Law and Arbitration by Matteo Vaccaro-Incisa
  Nikos Lavranos

  Protection of Foreign Investments in an Intra-EU Context – Not One bit ? Dominik Moskvan
  Nikos Lavranos

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