Maritime Cooperation and Security in the Indo-Pacific Region

Essays in Honour of Sam Bateman

More than twenty Indo-Pacific scholars and emerging experts come together in this definitive volume to deliver fresh perspectives and original research on maritime cooperation and security. With subjects ranging from the Philippines to Antarctica, Coast Guards to climate change, these essays pay tribute to the late Commodore Sam Bateman (PhD) while laying the academic groundwork for the improved policies and behaviours that provide for expanded good order at sea.

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John F. Bradford is Senior Fellow in the Maritime Security Programme at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University.

Jane Chan is a Senior Fellow and Coordinator of the Maritime Security Programme at RSIS in NTU.

Stuart Kaye is Director and Distinguished Professor of Law within the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS) at the University of Wollongong (UOW).

Clive Schofield is Head of Research at the WMU-Sasakawa Global Ocean Institute, World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden and Professor with ANCORS, UOW.

Geoffrey Till is Emeritus Professor of Maritime Studies at King’s College London and holds the Dudley W. Knox Chair for Naval History and Strategy at the US Naval War College.
"This outstanding book celebrates the wide-ranging contributions of the late Commodore Sam Bateman to the study of maritime affairs and strategy, as well as illuminating the current and emerging issues in each maritime field that he delved in....Overall the quality of [the] contributions is first class." -Peter Jones, Australian Naval Institute, February 2023


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Notes on Contributors

  Geoffrey Till, John Bradford, Jane Chan, Stuart Kaye and Clive Schofield

1 Evangelist for the Sea Reflections on the Maritime thought of Sam Bateman
  Chris Rahman

Part 1
Ocean Governance
2 Governance and the Ocean Some Reflections
  Peter Cozens

3 Frameworks for Integrated Marine Management From Oceans Policies to Marine Spatial Planning Laws
  Gregory Rose

4 Recognising the Climate-Ocean Nexus A Global Imperative and Regional Imperative
  Sali Jayne Bache

Part 2
Law of the Sea
5 Navigational Rights and Freedoms The Law of the Sea and Evolving State Practice
  David Letts and Donald R. Rothwell

6 Straight Baselines in the Indo-Pacific Legal, Technical and Political Issues in a Changing Environment
  Sam Bateman and Clive Schofield

7 “Creeping” Sovereignty over the Seabed Reflections on the Continental Shelf Regime
  Drake Long

Part 3
Good Order at Sea
8 All Talk The Importance of Cooperation in Maritime Security
  Richard Adams, Sean Andrews and Honae Cuffe

9 Coast Guards’ Changing Nature The Rise of the China Coast Guard
  Edward Sing Yue Chan and Douglas Guilfoyle

10 Strengthening Law and Order at Sea for the Blue Pacific
  Anthony Bergin

11 The Future of Antarctica Sam Bateman’s Contribution to Antarctic Geopolitics
  Marcus Haward, Jeffrey McGee and Anthony J. Press

Part 4
Maritime Cooperation
12 Security Perspectives of External Parties to the South China Sea Dispute A Comparative Study of India and Japan
  Ralf Emmers

13 Opportunities for Enhancing Naval Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region in the Presence of Strategic Competition
  Matthew Stubbs and Dale Stephens

14 Australia and India Working Together and with Others on Maritime Security
  Simon Bateman and David Brewster

15 Southeast Asia’s Minilateral Counter-Piracy/Sea Robbery Initiatives An Assessment of Their Contributions to Regional Maritime Security
  Ian Storey

Part 5
New Southeast Asia Views on Maritime Security
16 Philippine Efforts in Managing Threats to Good Order at Sea
  Amparo Pamela H. Fabe

17 Vietnam and the Shift towards Maritime Security Cooperation
  Hanh Nguyen

18 Indonesia and Maritime Security Cooperation in Southeast Asia A Study of Four Maritime Areas
  Ristian Atriandi Supriyanto

19 Maritime Cooperation to Alleviate Strategic Distrust A Case from Indonesia
  Gilang Kembara

Part 6
New Directions in Maritime Security
20 Legal and Policy Issues Concerning the Plight of Seafarers During covid - 19
  Mary Ann Palma-Robles

21 The Changing Nature of Maritime Security
  Geoffrey Till


Institutes – maritime and international affairs; university libraries; War College and Professional Military Education Institutes; Maritime security researchers and students (post-graduate); Maritime security practitioners; navy and coast guard officers
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