Supplementum Grammaticum Graecum 7



SGG 7 offers a critical edition, with Italian translation and commentary, of the preserved fragments of the Greek grammarian Pius, who probably lived in the Imperial Age and commented on the Homeric poems and Sophocles’ Ajax, dealing with exegetical, syntactical and lexicographical issues. The hypotheses formulated by previous scholars about Pius’ chronological and cultural background, and his involvement in the discussion of Aristarchus’ atheteses are critically reviewed in the introduction. An in-depth analysis of the extant material provides a new image of Pius as a grammatikos not only as a scholar, in philological terms, but also as a school teacher.

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Valeria Bacigalupo completed her Ph.D. (2021) at the University of Genova, in cotutelle with the KU Leuven. Her academic interests include ancient Greek scholarship and grammar, Homeric studies and Greek lexicography.
Students and scholars in the field of classics, who are interested in ancient, particularly Greek, learned culture and scholarship as well as in the written transmission and reception of ancient Greek literature.
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