The Public Lives of Ancient Women (500 BCE-650 CE)


Building on the important work by Emily A. Hemelrijk, this volume endeavours to bring ancient women out of the domestic sphere and to examine their presence and activities in the public domain, for example as rulers, patrons, priestesses, wives, athletes and pilgrims. Covering the period 500 BCE to 650 CE and ranging across the Mediterranean and beyond, it fruitfully employs a great variety of source types and thematic approaches to argue that women in the ancient world were active in many parts of the public domain, including the civic, the religious and at times even the political and military spheres.

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Lucinda Dirven, Ph.D, is professor by special appointment in Ancient religions at the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies at the Radboud University Nijmegen. She works on religions of the ancient Mediterranean world, especially in the Roman Near East.
Martijn Icks, Ph.D. is a Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Amsterdam. He has published on Roman emperors and their representation, on the reception of Classical culture and on character assassination as a cross-cultural phenomenon.
Sofie Remijsen, Ph.D is a Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Amsterdam. She has published on various aspects of social and cultural history in the Mediterranean, including sport and festivals. Currently she is leading a project on Lived Time in Late-Antique Egypt.

Contributors are: Josine H. Blok, Lucinda Dirven, Anique Hamelink, Martijn Icks, Lien Foubert, Sanne Klaver, Onno M. van Nijf, Sofie Remijsen, Evelien J.J. Roels, Janric van Rookhuijzen, Emila Salerno, Daniëlle Slootjes, Rolf Strootman, Marlena Whiting.
List of Figures

Lucinda Dirven, Martijn Icks and Sofie Remijsen

Complete List of Publications of Emily A. Hemelrijk

1 Warrior Queens of the Hellenistic World
Rolf Strootman

2 Empresses Taking Charge
The Powerful Women of the Severan House in the Literary Sources
Martijn Icks

3 Zenobia versus Mawia
A Note on Warrior Queens and Female Power in the Arab World
Lucinda Dirven

4 Image and Reality
The Public and Persuasive Power of the Empress Theodora
Daniëlle Slootjes

5 Priestesses in the Sacred Space of the Acropolis
A Close Reading of the Hekatompedon Inscription
Josine H. Blok and Janric van Rookhuijzen

6 Bringing Women into the Agonistic Sphere
Sport, Women and Festivals in the Greek World under Rome
Onno M. van Nijf

7 Women on Time
Gendered Temporalities in Greco-Roman Egypt
Sofie Remijsen

8 Ut sacrificantes vel insanientes Bacchae
Bacchus’ Women in Rome
Emilia Salerno

9 Discourses of a Changing Society
Women’s (Im)mobility in Times of Civil War
Lien Foubert

10 Present in Public Lettering
The Epigraphic Dossier of Licinnia Flavilla at Oinoanda (IGR III 500) and the Phenomenon of Honorific Text Monuments in Imperial Asia Minor
Evelien J.J. Roels

11 Publicly Luxurious
Banqueting Women on Tombstones in Roman Britain
Anique Hamelink

12 Beautiful Names and Impeccable Dress
The Women of Dura-Europos
Sanne Klaver

13 Titles and Rank of Female Donors in Sixth- and Seventh-Century Palaestina and Arabia
Marlena Whiting

Academic readership (incl. advanced students) in the following fields: classics, history, gender studies, archaeology, epigraphy
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