Muqarnas 39


Muqarnas 39 offers a rich panoply of studies extending across the breadth of the Muslim realm—from Andalusia to India—and across a millennium of years. The volume’s topics range from the material artifacts of textiles, pen boxes, fourteenth-century manuscripts, Ottoman Treasury valuables, a nineteenth-century Ottoman coin collection, Classical marble frieze slabs, royal palanquins, and sphero-conical vessels to Orientalist internalization, mosque and city architecture—the construction even of an entire city—and the archaeological, museological, legal, and sociological analysis of such. Luxuriously illustrated and thoroughly researched, each of the twelve articles presents a visual and engaging unpacking of an aspect of Islamicate culture that will introduce its reader to new and fascinating insights.

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Gülru Necipoğlu, (Ph.D., Harvard University, 1986) is the Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at Harvard University. She has been the editor of Muqarnas since 1993.

Corinne Mühlemann, Made in the City of Baghdad? Medieval Textile Production and Pattern Notation Systems of Early Lampas Woven Silks

Doris Behrens-Abouseif, A Mamluk Pen Box Connected to the Thousand and One Nights and the Historian Ibn ʿAbd al-Zahir

Adeline Laclau, A Scholar, Calligrapher, and Illuminator in Early Fourteenth-Century Cairo: The Illuminated Manuscripts of Ahmad al-Mutatabbib

Cailah Jackson, The Arts of the Book in the Aydinid Realm: Exploring a Neglected Medical Manuscript from Late Fourteenth-Century Western Rum

Rachel Hirsch, Building Burhanpur: The Process of Constructing a Mughal City

Tülay Artan, Patrons, Painters, Women in Distress: The Changing Fortunes of Nevʿizade Atayi and Üskübi Mehmed Efendi in Early Eighteenth-Century Istanbul

Ni̇lay Özlü, “Barbarous Magnificence in Glass Cases”: The Imperial Treasury and Ottoman Self-Display at the Topkapı Palace

Deniz Türker, “Angels of the Angels”: Abdüllatif Subhi Paşa’s Coins, Egypt, and History

Belgin Turan Özkaya, Entangled Geographies, Contested Narratives: The Canning Marbles and the Ottoman Response to Antiquity


Antonio Almagro and Alfonso Jiménez, The Kutubiyya Mosque of Marrakesh Revisited

Nadia Erzini and Stephen Vernoit, The Palanquin Thrones of the ʿAlawite Sultans of Morocco

Courtney Lesoon, The Sphero-Conical as Apothecary Vessel: An Argument for Dedicated Use

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