Dewey, Education, and the Mediterranean

Themes, Trails, and Traces


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There are few, if any, other educational philosophers that have left their mark internationally as John Dewey has. Author of 40 books and no less than 700 articles that appeared in over 140 journals, Dewey’s work has been translated into at least 35 languages. His landmark Democracy and Education – published over a century ago in 1916 – is one of the most cited educational texts ever.

Dewey has inspired educators and provoked controversies in his day, and still does so today. This volume sets out to engage with Dewey’s educational thought, especially as it relates to its circulation in the countries bordering on the Mediterranean. Authors consider his enduring influence, and reflect on the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ forces that served to anchor progressivism, in its multiple manifestations, in the region. The notion of a unidirectional force – personified by Dewey – that is somehow absorbed by the ‘receiving’ country is problematised by most if not all chapters in this volume. Rather, contributors carefully show how context affects a process marked by active appropriation, re-interpretation, adaptation, as well as resistance.

Sometimes a vibrant presence that still needs to be reckoned with, at other times a ghostly figure nevertheless serving to sustain democratic aspirations in and through education, Dewey and his message resonate, challenge, and demand a response.

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Maura Striano is Professor of Education at the University of Naples Federico II and Director of the Centre for the Active and Participatory Inclusion of the Students (SINAPSI). She has published widely on Dewey and pragmatism in education and is co-director of the series “Dewey Studies”.

Ronald G. Sultana is Professor of Education at the University of Malta, and Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research. He has published widely on education and equity, and is Editor of the series “Comparative Education and the Mediterranean Region”.
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: A Mediterranean Dewey … a Deweyan Mediterranean
Maura Striano and Ronald G. Sultana

1 Dewey and Democratic Lifelong Education
Kenneth Wain

2 Dewey’s Educational and Democratic Ideals: Conditions for Implementation in Mediterranean Arab Countries
Radhi H. Al-Mabuk and Abdullah F. Alrebh

3 John Dewey’s Improbable Mediterraneity
John Baldacchino

4 An Indigenous Foreigner in Portugal: John Dewey’s Latent Presence in the Early 20th Century Works of the New School Quartet
Jorge Ramos do Ó, Tomás Vallera, Tiago Almeida, António Henriques and Ana Luísa Paz

5 Revisiting and Reimagining Schools for Shared Life and Peace in a Conflict-Ridden Region: A Deweyan Lens
Khalid Arar and Anna Saiti

6 Dewey and the ‘Sheikh,’ or the Paradox of the Algerian School
Mohamed Miliani

7 Current Issues of Democracy and Education in Tunisia as Interpreted through Dewey’s Approach
Abdeljalil Akkari

8 Educational Institutions and John Dewey in Early 20th Century Egypt
Farida Makar

9 John Dewey’s Influence in Shaping Israel’s Educational Philosophy and Practice (1930s–2010s)
Gadi Bialik and Yuval Dror

10 The Effect of Dewey’s Educational Philosophy and Practice on the Palestinian Education System
Anwar Hussein-Abdel Razeq

11 John Dewey’s Impact on Greek Education and Pedagogical Thought
Dimitrios Foteinos and Michael Kassotakis

12 Learner-Centred Perspectives in School Curricula and Teacher Education: The Impact of John Dewey’s Visit to Turkey in the Early Republican Era
Gökçe Gökalp and Ali Yildirim

13 John Dewey’s ‘Civilizing’ Mission and His Developmentalist Utopianism
Marianna Papastephanou

14 Schools of Tomorrow – Tomorrow’s Schools: A Reading of a Maltese Document from a Deweyan Perspective
Daniela Mercieca and Duncan P. Mercieca

15 Dewey’s Impact on Italian Culture: A Long-Lasting Influence
Maura Striano

16 Reconstructing Dewey, Rethinking Education: The Legacy of John Dewey’s Educational Thought and the Development of the Sciences de l’Éducation in France Since 1967
Samuel Renier

17 The Pedagogy of John Dewey in Spain: Between Educational Innovation and Theoretical Challenge
José González-Monteagudo and Patricia Delgado- Granados
This volume is of relevance to post-graduate and doctoral researchers, prospective teachers, as well as teacher educators and scholars interested in the study of John Dewey, progressive education, and the travel of ideas across time and space, with a special focus on the Mediterranean region. The book is also of interest to students and scholars from the fields of philosophy of education, comparative education, sociology of education and Mediterranean studies more generally.
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