Quality in Teaching and Teacher Education

International Perspectives from a Changing World


This book challenges us to ‘think anew’ about teaching and teacher education. It explores the nature of quality in teaching and teacher education, and addresses emerging and potentially redefining challenges for teaching, learning, and teacher education for our times. At the centre of the discussion are the tenets of education, teaching profession, and a values-centred vision of teacher education.

The book is rooted in rich, contemporary research and reflects the context of (post)pandemic practice and a fast-changing policy environment. It provides new understandings on the topic at hand, and it will be useful to readers from across a range of domains and interests concerning teaching, teacher values-education, and professional practice.

Contributors are: Ana Isabel Andrade, Björn Åstrand, Helen Caldwell, Stéphane Colognesi, Saraa Salim Dawood, Anna-Barbara du Plessis, Irma Eloff, Maria Assunção Flores, Conor Galvin, A. Lin Goodwin, Qing Gu, Kathy Hall, Carol Hordatt Gentles, Washington Ires Correa, Fawzi Habeeb Jabrail, Panagiotis Kampylis, Daria Khanolainen, Mónica Lourenço, Marilyn Leask, Kay Livingston, Joanna Madalinska-Michalak, Virginie März, Deirbhile Nic Craith, Hannele Pitkänen, Helle Plauborg, Noel Purdy, Felix Senger, Marco Snoek, Vasileios Symeonidis, Gisselle Tur Porres, Heike Wendt, Saraa Younie and Amal Fatah Zedan.

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Joanna Madalinska-Michalak is Full Professor at the University of Warsaw, and Honorary Professor at Aarhus University. She has published monographs and many articles on teacher education, teacher education policy, teacher professional development, and educational leadership.
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Joanna Madalinska-Michalak

PART 1: Towards the Nature of Quality in Teaching and Teacher Education

1 What Does Quality Teacher Education Mean and How Can the Preparation of Future Teachers Be Quality Assured?
Kay Livingston

2 Unpacking Quality in Teacher Education
Maria Assunção Flores

3 Teacher Quality Driven by Equity and Social Justice: Arguments for an Alternative Values-Centred Vision of Teacher Education
Noel Purdy, Kathy Hall, Daria Khanolainen and Conor Galvin

4 Genealogy of the Ethics of Teacher Self-Evaluation: From Adherence to Norms to Self-Discipline through Self-Evaluation
Hannele Pitkänen

5 Re-thinking the Concept of Classroom Management: Implications for Quality in Future Classroom Management Practices
Helle Plauborg

PART 2: Quality Teaching and Teacher Education in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty

6 Teacher Experiences and Practices in the Time of COVID-19: Implications for Understanding Quality in Teaching
Carol Hordatt Gentles, Sarah Younie, Marilyn Leask and Helen Caldwell

7 Developing Emancipatory Online Learning Environments in Quality Teacher Education
Gisselle Tur Porres and Washington Ires Correa

8 Situational Support to Develop the Well-being of Future Teachers: Supporting Sustainable Development Goal 4
Irma Eloff and Anna-Barbara du Plessis

9 Educating for Sustainability and Global Citizenship in Uncertain Times: A Case Study with In-service Teachers in Portugal
Mónica Lourenço and Ana Isabel Andrade

10 Teacher Education in Conflict-Affected Societies: The Case of Mosul University after the Demise of the Islamic State
Vasileios Symeonidis, Felix Senger, Heike Wendt, Amal Fatah Zedan, Saraa Salim Dawood and Fawzi Jebrail Ibrahim

PART 3: Strengthening Quality Teaching and Teacher Education: Looking to the Future

11 Teacher Education for the 31st Century? Preparing Teachers for Unknown Futures
A. Lin Goodwin

12 Developing Teachers: A Necessary Condition for Quality Retention
Qing Gu

13 The Teacher, Teacher Careers and Teacher Education: Conditions for a Career Long Dedication and Passion
Marco Snoek

14 Mobilising Policy to Reframe Teaching and Teacher Education in Europe: The European Commission’s Emerging Role within the Teacher Quality Agenda
Conor Galvin, Panagiotis Kampylis, Deirbhile Nic Craith, Joanna Madalinska-Michalak and Noel Purdy

15 Educating about and through Research: The Role of Research in Pre-service Teachers’ Classroom Practices
Stéphane Colognesi and Virginie März

16 Quality in Teaching and Teacher Education: Key Dilemmas and Implications for Research, Policy and Practice
Joanna Madalinska-Michalak, Björn Åstrand and Marco Snoek

The book would be of immediate interest to all interested in quality in teaching and teacher education. The book is especially dedicated teacher educators, student teachers, postgraduate students in education, national and international policy makers, leaders within education systems, and those providing continuing professional development for teachers.
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