The Collected Papers of J. L. Moles - Volume 1

J. L. Moles (1949–2015) made fundamental contributions to the fields of ancient (especially Cynic) philosophy, Greek and Roman historiography and biography, Latin poetry, and New Testament studies. These two volumes gather together all of his major articles and reviews, along with six previously unpublished papers. The papers display Moles’ individual and sometimes iconoclastic approach, his impressive range in both Classical and New Testament texts, and his unrivalled abilities in close reading. This is volume 1.

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John Moles at his death was Professor of Latin at Newcastle University, having held earlier positions at the University of Durham, University College of North Wales, Bangor, and Queen’s University Belfast.
John Marincola is Leon Golden Professor Emeritus at Florida State University, Tallahassee. He has written widely on Greek and Roman historiography.
John Marincola

Ruth Moles

Publications of J. L. Moles

Professor J. L. Moles
A. J. Woodman

Introduction to Parts 1 and 2
Aldo Brancacci

Part 1: Studies in Dio Chrysostom

1 The Career and Conversion of Dio Chrysostom (1978) [1]*

2 Dio Chrysostom: Exile, Tarsus, Nero, and Domitian (1983) [11]

3 The Date and Purpose of Dio’s Fourth Kingship Oration (1983) [13]

4 The Addressee of the Third Kingship Oration of Dio Chrysostom (1984) [19]

5 The Kingship Orations of Dio Chrysostom (1990) [37]

6 Review of D. A. Russell, ed., Dio Chrysostom: Orations VII, XII, XXXVI (1993) [57]

7 Dio Chrysostom, Greece, and Rome (1995) [66]

8 The Dionian Charidemus (2000) [74]

9 Dio and Trajan (2003) [80]

10 The Thirteenth Oration of Dio Chrysostom: Complexity and Simplicity, Rhetoric and Moralism, Literature and Life (2005) [81]

11 Defacing the Currency: Cynicism in Dio Chrysostom (previously unpublished)

Part 2: Studies in Cynic Philosophy

12 ‘Honestius quam Ambitiosius?’ An Exploration of the Cynic’s Attitude to Moral Corruption in His Fellow Men (1983) [12]

13 The Woman and the River: Diogenes’ Apophthegm from Herculaneum and Some Popular Misconceptions about Cynicism (1983) [16]

14 Cynicism in Horace Epistles 1 (1985) [26]

15 The Cynics and Politics (1995) [65]

16 Cynic Cosmopolitanism (1996) [70]

17 The Political Thought of the Cynics (2000) [75]

18 Philosophy and Ethics in Horace (2007) [84]

19 Romane, Memento: Antisthenes, Dio, and Virgil on the Education of the Strong (2017) [99]

Introduction to Part 3
Jane Heath

Part 3: Studies in the New Testament

20 Cynic Influence upon First-Century Judaism and Early Christianity? (2006) [82]

21 Jesus and Dionysus in the Acts of the Apostles and Early Christianity (2006) [83]

22 Luke’s Preface: The Greek Decree, Classical Historiography, and Christian Redefinitions (2011) [87]

23 Jesus the Healer in the Gospel, the Acts of the Apostles, and Early Christianity (2011) [88]

24 Time and Space Travel in Luke-Acts (2013) [90]

25 Accommodation, Opposition, or Other? Luke-Acts’ Stance Towards Rome (2014) [91]

26 Matthew the Mathete: Sphragis, Authority, Mathesis, Succession, and Gospel Truth (previously unpublished) [95]
Justin Reid Allison

27 Luke and Acts: Prefaces and Consequences (previously unpublished) [96]

28 Greek, Roman, Jewish, and Christian Philosophy in Luke-Acts (previously unpublished) [97]

29 What’s in a Name? Χριστός/χρηστός and χριστιανοί/χρηστιανοί in the First Century AD (previously unpublished) [99]

30 Selling Christian Happiness to Pagans: The Case of Luke-Acts (previously unpublished) [100]

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Scholars and graduate students in the areas of ancient philosophy, Greek and Roman biography and historiography, and New Testament studies.
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