Pushing Sacred Boundaries in Early Judaism and the Ancient Mediterranean

Essays in Honor of Jodi Magness


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This volume celebrates Jodi Magness’s long and illustrious career as a scholar of archaeology, early Judaism, and the ancient Mediterranean world. It brings together a series of studies on history, archaeology, and society in Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic Palestine, Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and ancient synagogues, written by her colleagues, students, and friends. The collected essays reflect the extraordinary range of historical and archaeological issues which Magness has elucidated through her outstanding work, as well as make significant contributions to their respective fields. Some articles publish archaeological data for the first time, others re-evaluate traditional assumptions within new methodological or theoretical frameworks, and others proffer innovative interpretations of old data.

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Dennis Mizzi, DPhil (2009), University of Oxford, is Senior Lecturer in Hebrew and Ancient Judaism at the University of Malta. He is a trained archaeologist, with a focus on the material culture of Judaism in the Roman–Byzantine periods, and has published widely on the archaeology of Qumran.

Tine Rassalle, PhD (2021), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is Curator at the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a trained archaeologist, with a focus on the material culture of ancient Judaism and early Christianity in the ancient Near East.

Matthew J. Grey, PhD (2011), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is a Professor of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University. His research focuses on the history and archaeology of Roman Palestine, with a particular interest in ancient synagogues, the material culture of daily life, and the emergence of the Jesus movement within its Jewish context.
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Pushing Sacred Boundaries: Celebrating the Career and Contributions of Jodi Magness
Matthew J. Grey, Tine Rassalle and Dennis Mizzi

Publications by Jodi Magness lix

Part 1: History, Archaeology, and Society in Roman through Early Islamic Palestine

1 Where Did the Second Temple Period Low-Level Aqueduct Enter the Herodian Temple Mount? A View from the Western Wall Plaza
Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah

2 Textual and Material Lazarus in Dialogue: Reading John 11:1–44 (53) from Its Intra-textual and Extra-Textual Worlds
Jürgen K. Zangenberg

3 “Where May I Eat the Passover with My Disciples?”: Reassessing the Urban Setting, Furnished Room, and Dining Practices of Jesus’s Last Supper
Matthew J. Grey

4 Stamping Out the Embers: Roman “Mopping-Up” Operations at the End of the First Jewish Revolt
Gwyn Davies

5 Athletic Competitions as Markers of Religious Identity in Caesarea Insights from Origen’s Newly Discovered Homilies, the Second Sophistic, and Rabbinic Literature
Maren R. Niehoff

6 Was There a Constantinian Edict Prohibiting Jews from Entering Jerusalem? Notes on Fact and Fiction
Oded Irshai

7 Unitary Coaxial and Arterial Agricultural Field Systems in the Southern Levant: Evidence of Rural Land Divisions of Late Roman Date
Shimon Gibson and Rafael Y. Lewis

8 Settlement Patterns and Economy in the Negev and Southern Palestine in the Sixth–Eighth Centuries CE: A Reevaluation
Gideon Avni

Part 2: Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls

9 The Effects of Hasmonaean Policy on the Qumran Community: History, Theology, and Archaeology
Kenneth Atkinson

10 Qumran-Related History: Contemporaries Jannaeus, Absalom, and Judah the Essene
Stephen Goranson

11 Economic Activity, Trade, and Manufacture at Qumran, with a Special Look at the Inscriptions and Documentary Texts
Sidnie White Crawford

12 The Burial of Sealed Jars in the Qumran Cemetery: Disposal of Consecrated Property?
Dennis Mizzi

13 Timothy I of Seleucia and the Story behind the Disappearance of the Scrolls from Qumran’s Cave XII/53
Oren Gutfeld

14 Purity as Separation: Comparing the Dead Sea Scrolls, Rabbinic Literature, and the New Testament
Lawrence H. Schiffman

15 Metaphors of Sin in the Qumran Texts: A Working Typology, and Two Examples
Joseph Lam

16 Resurrection, Interred Bodies, and a Northern Paradise
James C. VanderKam

Part 3: The Development of Ancient Synagogues

17 Proximity to Purity: A Spatial Analysis of Late Second Temple Synagogues and Miqwa‌ʾot
Brian A. Coussens

18 Gender, Time, and Space in Early Synagogue Complexes: Reflections on the Andrōn and the Gunaikōnitis in Texts and Archaeology
Joan E. Taylor

19 A Roman Period Synagogue at Shiḥin
Mordechai Aviam and James Riley Strange

20 Synagogues in Palaestina Secunda in the Fifth–Seventh Centuries CE: How Many Have Been Found and How Many Are Still Missing?
Chaim Ben-David

21 Jerusalem in Galilee: Urban Architecture and Communal Belonging in a Mosaic from a Rural Synagogue
Karen Britt and Raʿanan Boustan

22 Two Phases of the Polychrome Plaster of the Ḥuqoq Synagogue
Shana O’Connell

The volume would be of interest or relevance to academic libraries, institutions, students, and specialists in the fields of ancient Judaism, early Christianity, Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient synagogues, and the archaeology of Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic Palestine in general.
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