Studies On The Paratextual Features Of Early New Testament Manuscripts

Texts and Editions of the New Testament


This book series is designed to offer texts and editions, with commentary and comment, of important sources for the study of the New Testament and its world. Primary sources are envisioned as a mainstay of the series, in which documents that enlighten and support New Testament study are published in definitive, accessible and informative editions, often with supporting commentary. Collections of essays and monographs, that focus upon these types of important sources and advance the scholarly discussion, are also welcome.

The series has published an average of one volume per year over the last 5 years.

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Introduction: Paratextual Features of Early Greek Manuscripts
Stanley E. Porter, Chris S. Stevens, and David I. Yoon

1 What Is Paratext? In Search of an Elusive Category
Stanley E. Porter

2 Missing the Point: Modern Punctuation Practice as Authoritative but Possibly Problematic Decision-Making
Hans Förster

3 Pointers to Persons and Pericopes? A Study of the Intermarginal Signs in Sahidic Manuscripts of the Gospel of John
Matthias H. O. Schulz

4 But for Me, the Scriptures are Jesus Christ (Ι̅Ϲ̅ Χ̅Ϲ̅; Ign. Phld. 8:2). Creedal Text-Coding and the Early Scribal System of Nomina Sacra
Tomas Bokedal

5 Segmentation and Interpretation of Early Pauline Manuscripts
S. Matthew Solomon

6 Can Papyri Correspondence Help Us to Understand Paul’s “Large Letters” in Galatians?
William Varner

7 The Tradition and Development of the Subscriptions to 1 Timothy
Tommy Wasserman and Linnea Thorp

8 Second Timothy: When and Where? Text and Traditions in the Subscriptions
Conrad Thorup Elmelund and Tommy Wasserman

9 Composite Citations in New Testament Greek Manuscripts
Sean A. Adams and Seth M. Ehorn

10 Titus in P32 and Early Majuscules: Textual Reliability and Scribal Design
Chris S. Stevens

11 The Scribal Use of Ekthesis as a Paragraph Marker? The Galatians Text in Codex Sinaiticus as a Test Case
David I. Yoon

12 Miniature Codices in Early Christianity
Michael J. Kruger

13 Marginalia in New Testament Greek Papyri: Implications for Scribal Practice and Textual Transmission
Michael P. Theophilos

Conclusion: Paratextual Features: Summary and Prospects
Stanley E. Porter, Chris S. Stevens, and David I. Yoon

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