Castalia: Studies in Indo-European Linguistics, Mythology, and Poetics


Since the beginning of Indo-European Studies, linguists have attempted to reconstruct aspects of the Indo-European traditions that go beyond the ‘atomic’ dimensions of related languages, such as inherited aspects of Indo-European texts and traits shared by cognate pantheons and narratives. The chapters in this volume address these very aspects of cultural reconstruction.
Interdisciplinary case-studies on poetic features, religion and mythology of several ancient Indo-European languages (Ancient Greek, Latin and Italic, Hittite, Phrygian, Sanskrit, Avestan, Old Norse, Old Irish and Old Russian) work at the intersection of linguistic reconstruction and philology. The results of these investigations shed new light on a variety of aspects, ranging from obscure etymologies to the reconstruction of the genetic link among entire Indo-European myths.

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Laura Massetti obtained her Ph.D. in Historical and Comparative Linguistics from the University of Cologne. She is a Researcher at University of Naples L’Orientale and an Affiliate of Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies. Her scientific interests comprise Archaic Greek Literature, Historical Linguistics, Comparative Mythology and Religion.
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Laura Massetti

1 Ritual Speech in the Neo-Phrygian Funerary Curse Formulae
Milena Anfosso

2 Homo homini lupus: Anatolian Echoes of Indo-European Ideology
Michele Bianconi

3 Upholding Heaven and Earth, Upholding the Cosmos
José Luis García Ramón

4 The Myth of Baldr’s Death and the Vedic Wounded Sun
The Old Norse Theonyms Nanna Neps-dóttir (‘Maiden Sky’s-Daughter’) and Hǫðr (‘Darkness’) in Germanic and Indo-European Perspective
Riccardo Ginevra

5 Hecate and Her Dogs
Bjarne Simmelkjær Sandgaard Hansen

6 Homeric ἀνδρειφόντης and the Unraveling of an Unmetrical Verse
Stefan Höfler

7 Mirror Images and Cross(dress)ing
Some Indo-European Intersections between the Gesta Danorum and the Virāṭa Parvan of the Mahābhārata
Stephanie W. Jamison

8 Thoughts of Gāthic Beginnings and Beginnings of Gāthic Thoughts
Joshua T. Katz

9 From Kenning to Insult: Old Norse, Old Irish and Russian Carrions and Their Indo-European Background
Claire Le Feuvre

10 Form in Latin and Umbrian Sacral Verse
Angelo O. Mercado

11 Where All the Killed Dragons Graze: Luw. āla/i- wiluš(a)-, Ἠλύσιος λειμών and the PIE Concept of the Netherworld
Rostislav Oreshko

12 An Underlying Divinatory Structure Common to Bharata and Semonides
Kenneth Zysk

Any reader interested in the comparative approach to ancient Indo-European languages and their mythologies: academic readership may include classicists, Indo-Europeanists, scholars in Ancient Near-Eastern Studies, but also readers with a broader linguistic or classical background.
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