Is the Sublime Sustainable? A Comparative Aesthetics Approach to the Sublime


Is the Sublime Sustainable? introduces the key points of debate around the sublime while opening new avenues for future inquiry, especially through its comparative aesthetics approach. In it, you will discover how thinking on the sublime emerged historically and then engage with the recent critical scholarship on the topic, including from the fields of theology, philosophy, and literature. The critiques of the sublime are then expanded in dialogue with perspectives from Japanese aesthetics and art, shaping the argument that what is needed today is a sublime that enriches human lives by cultivating profound, participative relationships.

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Peter L. Doebler, Ph.D. (2015), Graduate Theological Union, is Kettering Curator of Asian Art at the Dayton Art Institute. He has curated exhibitions and published articles, encyclopaedia entries, and reviews that span aesthetics, art, religion, and film.
Note on Translations
 Introduction: Questioning the Sublime and Standing before a Waterfall
 1 Locating the Sublime in the Euro-American Context
 2 Sustaining Depth: Critiquing the Sublime with Theological Aesthetics
 3 Preserving Particularity: Critiquing the Sublime with Environmental Aesthetics
 4 Cultivating Participation: Critiquing the Sublime with Critical Theory
 Conclusion: toward an Everyday Sublime
Specialists and graduate students in religion and the arts, including associated fields of philosophy (particularly aesthetics), theology, literature, art history and theory, and cultural studies.
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