The Asian Yearbook of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Volume 7


The Asian Yearbook of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law aims to publish peer-reviewed scholarly articles and reviews as well as significant developments in human rights and humanitarian law. It examines international human rights and humanitarian law with a global reach, though its particular focus is on the Asian region.

Volume 7 of the Yearbook covers a wide range of topics, which have been organized along four central themes: Human Rights Protection and Erosion during the (Post-) COVID-19 Pandemic; Economic, Social and Environmental Rights Contestation and Evolution; Human Rights Protection of Vulnerable Persons; and Human Rights and Democratic Values under Threat.

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Prof. Dr. Matthias Vanhullebusch (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
Dr. Steve Foster (Coventry University, United Kingdom)
Dr. Ben Stanford (Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom)

Alexey Ilin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

Editorial Board
Prof. Dr. Nezir Akyeşilmen (Selçuk Üniversitesi, Turkey)
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elewa Badar (Northumbria University, United Kingdom)
Dr. Gerard Conway (Brunel University, United Kingdom)
Prof. Dr. Ignacio de la Rasilla (Wuhan University, China)
Dr. Rawa Ghazy Almakky (King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia)
Dr. Alexander Gilder (University of Reading, United Kingdom)
Dr. Andrew G. Jones (Coventry University, United Kingdom)
Dr. M. Shabir Korotana (Brunel University, United Kingdom)
Prof. Dr. Catarina Kinnvall (Lund University, Sweden)
Prof. Dr. Javaid Rehman (Brunel University, United Kingdom)
Dr. Ayesha Shahid (Coventry University, United Kingdom)
Dr. Anicée Van Engeland (Cranfield University, United Kingdom)
Dr. Zia Ullah Ranjah (Advocate, Managing Partner, Jurist Panel, Pakistan)
Prof. Dr. Annapurna Waughray (Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom)
Dr. Nadjma Yassari (Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law, Germany)

International Advisory Board
Prof. Nisrine Abiad (Saint Joseph University, UAE)
Prof. Jia Bing Bing (Tsinghua University, China)
Prof. Susan Breau (University of Victoria, Canada)
Prof. Simon Chesterman (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Dr. Damos Dumoli Agusman (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia)
Dr. Mark Ellis (International Bar Association, United Kingdom)
Prof. Hossein Esmaeili (Flinders University, Australia)
Ville Forsman (RWI, Sweden)
Prof. Stephen Hardy (University of Hull, United Kingdom)
Dr. Kamal Hossain (Barrister-at-law, Bangladesh)
Prof. Sarah Joseph (Griffith University, Australia)
Prof. Dr. Borhan Uddin Khan (Dhaka University, Bangladesh)
Prof. Irmgard Marboe (Vienna University, Austria)
Prof. Asif H. Qureshi (School of Transnational Law, Peking University, China)
Prof. Shaheen Sardar Ali (Warwick University, United Kingdom)
Prof. Ahmed Shaheed (University of Essex, United Kingdom)
His Excellency Awn Shawkat Al-Khasawneh (Jordan)
Ahmer Bilal Soofi (Advocate Supreme Court, Pakistan)
Prof. Surya P. Subedi (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
Prof. Osman Taştan (University of Ankara, Turkey)
Prof. Umut Turksen (Coventry University, United Kingdom)
List of Illustration

PART 1: Human Rights Protection and Erosion during the (Post-)COVID-19 Pandemic

1 “We Got Nothing to Lose”: Covid-19, Excessive Surveillance, and the Right to Privacy in China
Qian Liu and Yucong Zhang
2 Juristocracy before, during, and after COVID-19 in Hybrid Regimes: Evidence from Pakistan
Nauman Reayat
3 Home Renters’ Protection in Bangladesh during the COVID-19 Pandemic under the Rights’ Fabric of the Constitution: Options and Challenges
Mohammed Towhidul Islam and Md Jahid Al-Mamun
4 COVID-19, Inter-Religious Strife and the Erosion of Human Rights in India
Nafees Ahmad
5 Humanitarian Relief from COVID-19: The Treatment of Iran under the U.S. Unilateral Sanctions
Zeynab Malakouti Khah and Clive Walker

PART 2: Economic, Social and Environmental Rights Contestation and Evolution

6 The Imperative for Justiciability of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in Post-Civil War Sri Lanka
Muttukrishna Sarvananthan and Navaratnam Sivakaran
7 Just Transition on the Margins of Labour Law: Integrating Legal Adaptive Capacity and Philippine Administrative Legal Framework
Jayvy R. Gamboa
8 Coal Mining Operations and Environmental Rights Violations in the East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia
Mohamad Nasir

PART 3: Human Rights Protection of Vulnerable Persons

9 Marital Rape in South Asia: Colonial Origins and Postcolonial Challenges
Saumya Uma
10 Illegitimate Children Plight and Protection under the Malaysian Dual Legal System
Nadhratul Wardah Salman, Saroja Dhanapal and Shad Saleem Faruqi
11 Exploring Older Persons’ Financial Abuse in Malaysia: Protecting through Empowerment, Prevention and Enforcement
Mohammad Abu Taher, Olivia Tan Swee Leng, and Siti Zaharah Jamaluddin
12 The Un-peopling of Peoples: A Critical Study on the Justifiability of the Non-recognition of the Indigenous Peoples of the Chittagong Hill Tracts
Adity Rahman Shah

PART 4: Human Rights and Democratic Values under Threat

13 Towards the Criminalization of Torture in Taiwan: Prospects and Challenges
Pavel Doubek
14 From the Socialist Past towards Democratization and Back to the Authoritarian Regime: A Look through the Constitutional “Development” of Russia
Sergey Marochkin
15 Balancing Expectations of Privacy with Press Freedom: The UK Supreme Court’s Decision in Bloomberg v ZXC and the Balancing of Privacy and Free Speech by the European Court of Human Rights
Steve Foster
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