Capitalism and COVID-19: Time to Make a Democratic New World Order

Volume II


Capitalism and COVID-19: Time to Make a Democratic New World Order proposes the deepening of democracy in a post-capitalist world. It suggests that humans should be placed back in nature and nature back in humans and argues for a global environmental movement. The book maintains that the free market should serve people and planet – instead of people and planet serving the free market. It motivates for enabling the state in leading the transition to a post-capitalist world. A post-capitalist society should ensure planetary and peoples’ well-being together with economic well-being. Economic science in its current ideological form should be revisited. Exiting capitalism requires the unity of workers of all countries. Capitalism and COVID-19: Time to Make a Democratic New World Order calls for reimagining and recreating the best of all possible worlds for present and future generations. In the final analysis Noel Chellan predicts and maintains that capitalism too shall pass!

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Noel Chellan, Ph.D. is a Senior lecturer in the Sociology Department, School of Social Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He has published articles on environmental and developmental issues and a book: Capital: An Energy Perspective (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016).


Acronyms and Abbreviations

1Capitalism – the Violent Enemy of Nature
 1  covid -19 and the Arrival of Nature

 2 Capitalism’s Mad Rush for Energy – Tipping Earth’s Delicate Temperature Balance

 3 The Ideology of Profit-Accumulation under Capitalism

 4 Man – Nature’s Own

 5 Where Do the Children Play?

2The Ideological State Largely Siding with the Capitalist Economy in the War with  covid -19
 1 Declaring War on an Invisible but Known Enemy

 2 The Capitalist State: Siding with the Profit-Economy and Relinquishing Its Immense Power to Save Lives in the Time of War

 3 A Synopsis of How the West Dealt with Previous Wars in Comparison to the War on covid -19

 4 It’s the Profit Economy – Stupid!

3Death, Despair, Depression, Discrimination and Dogma in the Time of  covid -19
 1 Unpacking Aspects of the Human Condition in the Time of covid -19

 2 Death and Despair

 3 Mental Health, Isolation, Loneliness and Fear

 4 Discrimination

 5 Domestic Violence

 6 Religion – the Opium of the Masses in the Time of a Global Pandemic

4Unrest, Rebellion and Revolt in the Time of  covid -19
 1 Unrest, Rebellion and Revolt in the Time of covid -19

 2 Capitalist Society: a Society of Wealth and Poverty – but Also of Unrests and Violent Revolutions

 3 Capitalist Society: a Class Society above All Else

5In Search of Rights, Freedom, Democracy and Liberty in the Capitalist World
 1 People Protests: Terrorism in the US – but a Beautiful Sight in Hong Kong

 2 Democracy and Human Rights in the West in General and in Capitalist Countries in Particular – in the Time of covid -19

 3 The Free Market and Censoring the President of the Free World

 4 United States: the Country Where Liberty Is a Statue

 5 Rights, Liberty, Democracy and Freedom: Born out of Blood, Sweat and Tears

6Making Sense of Science and Scientists in the Time of  covid -19
 1 States and Their Citizens – Led by Science or Capitalist Ideologies?

 2 Economic Science – the Dominating Science or Ideology in the Age of Capitalism and in the Time of covid -19

 3 The Economic Scientists Who Rule over Nature, Humans, Society and the State in the Age of Capitalism

 4 Science – the Roadmap to a Better World

7An Ideological Awakening A World Different to that of Capitalism Was Glimpsed
 1  covid -19 and Revealing the Real World through Ideological Unlayering

 2  covid -19 and People-Centred State Planning and Execution

 3 The Rebirth of Communal Man in the Time of covid -19

 4 The Emergence of Socialist Man: Comrades in the Struggle against covid -19

 5 Rediscovering Time, Freedom and Happiness

 6 Pragmatic, Practical and Common-Sense Man Emerges from the Cobwebs of Capitalist Ideologies

 7 The Great Resignation

 8 And the People Began to Think Differently

8State Lobbying and Planning for Building-Back Capitalism
 1 The Nanny State and Building-Back Capitalism

 2 State Lobbying and Planning for the Extensive and Intensive Exploitation of Nature

 3 State Lobbying and Planning for the Extensive and Intensive Exploitation of Labour

4 Capitalism – Like Communism or Democratic Socialism –Is a Planned Economy

9Talk of a New World Order in the Time of  covid -19
1 Talk of a New World Order

2  covid -19: the Bridge to a Post-capitalist World

10Democratically Planning a New World Order
1 Exploring Ideas and Spheres of Influence for a Post-capitalist World

2 Placing Humans Back in Nature and Nature Back in Humans: Toward a Global Environmental Movement

3 Exploring an O-shaped or Use-Value Economy and Society

4 Freedom, Democracy, Free Choice, Human Rights and Privacy in a Post-capitalist World

5 Making the Free Market Serve People and Planet – Instead of the People and Planet Serving the Free Market

6 Declaring War on Global Enemies and Flattening Their Curves

7 Planetary and People Well-Being Side-by-Side with the Health of the Economy

8 Toward a Global Workers Movement

9 Deepening, Strengthening, Consolidating and Trusting the People’s State in Transitioning to a Post-capitalist World

10 Toward Advancing, Deepening and Consolidating the Economic Sciences

11 Knowing Capitalism

12 14 March: End-Capitalism Day

13 Marching and Protesting against the Capitalist System

14 A Willing and Peaceful Transformation or an Inevitable Violent Revolution?

15 Capitalism – This Too Shall Pass!

11 Imagine A Better World Is Waiting to Be Born



All interested in the workings of the capitalist system and wanting to understand the reasons for the large number of infections and deaths in the Western world during COVID-19.
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