Onassis Business History, 1924—1975


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Aristotle Onassis was the most famous shipowner of the twentieth century. He became the archetype and image of the ship-owning magnate, the symbol of Greek enterprise on a global scale. What distinguished him from the rest was that he created the shipping business of the new global era, combining the European maritime tradition and the American institutions and resources. Almost all books written on Onassis focus on his lifestyle and personal life. This is the first book examining all aspects of his multi-faceted global business activities in the shipping, airline and oil industries. It is based on the newly-formed Onassis Archive comprising thousands of new and unpublished files of his core business.

Contributors are: Alexandra Papadopoulou, Amalia Pappa, Maria Damilakou, Lars Scholl, and Christos Tsakas.

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Gelina Harlaftis, Director for the Institute for Mediterranean Studies of the Foundation of Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH) since 2017, is Professor of Maritime History at the University of Crete. She has published 30 books and 70 articles in maritime, economic, business, diaspora and global history.
Anthony S. Papadimitriou

Prologue and Acknowledgements
Gelina Harlaftis

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Gelina Harlaftis

1 The Onassis Family: Family and Business Network
Gelina Harlaftis

2 The Business Career of Aristotle Onassis, 1924–1975
Gelina Harlaftis

3 Onassis in Argentina (1923–1940): The Shaping of an Entrepreneur
Maria Damilakou

4 The ‘Onassiada’: The Conflict with the Greek Shipowning Establishment
Gelina Harlaftis

5 The Great Innovation: The Offshore Empire
Gelina Harlaftis

6 Onassis’s People: ‘Business Family’, Administration and Management
Gelina Harlaftis

7 Tankers, Oil, and Money: Innovation in Shipbuilding and Finance
Gelina Harlaftis

8 Whaling in the Southern Seas and Antarctica
Lars Scholl

9 ‘Game History’: The Conflict with the United States
Gelina Harlaftis

10 Olympic Airways, 1956–1974, Part 1
Alexandra Papadopoulou

11 OMEGA Industrial Investments SA
Christos Tsakas

12 World-Wide Mobility, Political Networking and Sociability
Gelina Harlaftis

13 After Onassis. The Onassis Shipping Group from 1975 to the Present
Gelina Harlaftis

14 The Archive of the Aristotle Onassis Enterprises: ‘Underway’
Amalia Pappa, Alexandra Papadopoulou and Gelina Harlaftis

The book will be of interest to all academic libraries, specialists, graduate and postgraduate student in maritime, economic and business history.
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