Intelligent and Autonomous: Transforming Values in the Face of Technology


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This book uses case analyses and industry insights and blends them with forays into philosophy and ethics to conceptualise the mismatch between human values and the values inherent in an increasingly technologized world. Bringing together contributors from the disciplines of law, politics, philosophy, and communication studies, this volume develops an interdisciplinary vocabulary for thinking about the questions and antinomies of human-technology interaction while also resisting any deceptively straightforward synthesis. The topics discussed include the competition over and regulation of technology, the harm induced by autonomous technologies, and the place and role of humans in a world that is undergoing rapid and radical change.

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Ignas Kalpokas completed his Ph.D. at the University of Nottingham in 2015 and is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Public Communication, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, and Research Fellow at the Department of International Relations and Development, LCC International University, Lithuania.

Julija Kalpokienė is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Law, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania, and a qualified attorney specialising in commercial law and dispute resolution with a particular interest in intellectual property, data protection, and IT law.
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1 Unsustainable Anthropocentrism: are We Now Posthuman by Design?
  Ignas Kalpokas

2 Military Emerging Disruptive Technologies: Compliance with International Law and Ethical Standards
  Marco Marsili

3  ai Talent Competition: Challenges to the United States’ Technological Superiority
  Ilona Poseliuzhna

4 Third-Party Certification and Artificial Intelligence Some Considerations in Light of the European Commission Proposal for a Regulation on Artificial Intelligence
  Jan De Bruyne

5  ai in 5G: High-Speed Dilution of the Right to Privacy and Reducing the Role of Consent
  Mykyta Petik

6 The Empowerment of Platform Users to Tackle Digital Disinformation: the Example of the French Legislation
  Irène Couzigou

7 Taming Our Digital Overlords: Tackling Tech Through ‘Self-Regulation?
  Kim Barker

8 Insights from South Asia: a Case of ‘Post-truth’ Electoral Discourse in Pakistan
  Anam Kuraishi

9 A Challenge of Predictive Democracy: Rethinking the Value of Politics for the Era of Algorithmic Governance
  Filip Biały

10 Value Problems and Practical Challenges of Contemporary Digital Technologies
  Julija Kalpokienė


The readership is intended to comprise mostly of researchers and postgraduate or upper-level graduate students, primarily in the areas of law, politics, and communication studies.
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