Sports Semiotics applies semiotics (and other disciplines, secondarily) to analyse the social, cultural, economic and psychological significance of sports. It includes a primer on semiotic theory, sections on the analysis of wrestling by Roland Barthes in his book Mythologies, as well as sections on football and the sacred, the Super Bowl, and the semiotics of televised baseball.

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Arthur Asa Berger, Ph.D. (1965), University of Minnesota, is Professor Emeritus of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts at San Francisco State University. He is the author of more than 150 articles and 90 books on semiotics, popular culture, media analysis, tourism and humor.
List of Figures
 1 A Primer on Semiotics
 2 Roland Barthes on Professional Wrestling
 3 Baseball: Threes, Fours, and Exclusions
 4 Fenway Park
 5 Football and the Sacred
 6 The Semiotics of Televised Baseball
 7 The Super Bowl
 8 Football: Semiotics, Psyche and Society
 9 Coda
Sports Semiotics will be of interest to students taking courses in applied semiotics, popular culture and American culture/American society at the junior and senior level as well as anyone interested in sports and culture.
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