Mutʿat al-asmāʿ fī ʿilm al-samāʿ, The Ears’ Pleasure and the Science of Listening to Music by Aḥmad b. Yūsuf al-Tīfāshī al-Qafṣī (580-651/1184-1253)


The manuscript from the thirteenth century deals with musicians’ behaviour at the court; singers'qualities; the eminence of music and its effect on people and animals; the importance of drinking when listening to music; the process of composition; rhythmic and melodic modes, and repertoire in Andalusia, the Maghreb, Persia and the Middle East; Andalusian song lyrics and the appearance of new poetic forms such as the zajal and the muwashshaḥ; Andalusian musical instruments; dances of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, India and China; Andalusian dances and shadow plays and shadow dancers; aesthetics of dance; poems describing the dances.

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George Dimitri Sawa, Ph.D. (1983), University of Toronto, independent scholar in Arabic music theory, performance and literature. He taught medieval, modern and sacred music at the University of Toronto and York and published eight books and over seventy articles.
This book will be of interest to musicologists, ethnomusicologists, cultural and Arabic historians, academic libraries, undergraduate and graduate students, dance teachers and choreographers.
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