Moltmann and China

Theological Encounters from Hong Kong to Beijing


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In this volume, Lam and Thurston present a series of important theological debates between Jürgen Moltmann, the contemporary German Reformed theologian, and humanities scholars based in Chinese metropolises from Hong Kong to Beijing between 2014 and 2018. Featured, along with original essays and newly edited contributions by Moltmann, are the voices of such renowned Chinese scholars of religion as He Guanghu, Lai Pan-chiu, Zhuo Xinping and the contemporary comparativist Yang Huilin. These debates matter because they shed light on themes rarely explored in cross-cultural theological dialogue as it unfolds, showcasing the ongoing relevance of theological critique in and with the contemporary humanities. Contributors to the volume are: Hong Liang, Kwok Wai-luen, Lai Pan-chiu, Jason Lam, Jürgen Moltmann, Naomi Thurston, Yang Huaming, Yang Huilin.

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Jason Lam, Ph.D. (2004), University of Cambridge, is a senior lecturer at the Melbourne School of Theology and senior research fellow at the Australian College of Theology. He has published widely in the fields of hermeneutics and modern theology, with recent works on Bonhoeffer, Moltmann and Sino-Christian theology. Naomi Thurston, Ph.D. (2015), University of Wales, is an assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She writes on contemporary developments in Chinese Christianity. Her works include Studying Christianity in China: Constructions of an Emerging Discourse (Brill, 2018).
Jason Lam and Naomi Thurston

Jürgen Moltmann

PART 1: Introduction

1 Tao – The Chinese Mystery of the World
Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching Read with Western Eyes
Jürgen Moltmann
2 Moltmann and China
Editorial Introduction: Dialogue and Context
Jason Lam and Naomi Thurston

PART 2: In Dialogue with Jürgen Moltmann: The Hong Kong Forum

3 Introduction to the Hong Kong Forum of 2018
Jason Lam
4 On the Subject of Hope
A Reflection on the Proximity between Theology and Philosophy in Moltmann’s Thought
Jason Lam
5 On the Subject of Hope
Response to Jason Lam
Jürgen Moltmann
6 The Chinese Church and Its Mission
In Dialogue with Moltmann’s Ecclesiology
Kwok Wai-Luen
7 The Chinese Church
Response to Kwok Wai-luen
Jürgen Moltmann
8 In Dialogue with Moltmann on Ethics of Hope
Lai Pan-Chiu
9 On Ethics of Hope
Response to Lai Pan-chiu
Jürgen Moltmann

PART 3: In Dialogue with Jürgen Moltmann: The Beijing Summit of 2014

10 Introduction: The Beijing Summit of 2014
Naomi Thurston
11 Political Theology and Contemporary China
2014 Beijing Summit, Morning Session
Jürgen Moltmann
12 Political Theology and Terrorism
Chinese Scholars Respond to Moltmann
Li Qiuling, Zhuo Xinping, Gao Quanxi, Peng Xiaoyu and Li Bingquan
13 The Theology of Hope and the Future of China
2014 Beijing Summit, Afternoon Session
Jürgen Moltmann
14 The Theology of Hope and the Future of China
Chinese Scholars Respond to Moltmann
He Guanghu, You Bin, Jason Lam, Zhang Baichun and Zhang Xu
15 Thinking Means Transcending
On the Philosophy and Theology of Hope
Jürgen Moltmann

PART 4: The Reception of Moltmann’s Thought in Chinese Academia

16 Introduction to the Essays Collected
Jason Lam
17 A Culture of Life in the Dangers of This Time
Jürgen Moltmann
18 What Can We Learn From Moltmann Today? A Response to Moltmann
Hong Liang
19 The Reception of Moltmann’s Thought as Perceived from the Publication of his Chinese Translations
Jason Lam
20 Moltmann’s Theology in the Context of Christianity’s Sinicization
Yang Huaming
21 How Can Faith Discourse Intervene in the World?
Jürgen Moltmann and the Significance of “Hope”
Yang Huilin
22 Jürgen Moltmann in Chinese Scholarship
From Import to Dialogue
Naomi Thurston

This work will be of interest to scholars and students in Theology, World Christianity, China studies with interests in contemproary issues, philosophy, law, religion, politics, and intellectual history.
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