Homeland or Religion? Personal Identity Building in Zangskar, Indian Himalayas


Who are you? Where do you come from?
These two simple questions have so many answers and are sometimes even difficult to answer.
This book tells the story of a Buddhist-Muslim community from Padum, in the Zangskar Valley - Indian Greater Himalayas. The author has gained a unique insight into this community during twenty years of research while the people shared doubts and joys with her.
These experiences showed her that the meaning of “belonging” to a homeland or a confessional group, and therefore the transformation of the process of identity building in our modern world, is bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

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Salomé Deboos, University of Lumière – Lyon2, is Professor in Anthropology of Religion, Migration and Urban Studies. She has published extensively on the Zangskar Valley, which is the focus of her research for more than twenty years.
researchers and students who are working on South Asia, Himalaya, and Islamic studies.
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