The Assumption of Moses

A Critical Edition with Commentary


Author: Johannes Tromp
The present volume provides for the long-felt need for a new critical edition of, and a full commentary on the Assumption of Moses, a Palestinian Jewish pseudepigraphon from the first century A.D.
The book consists of four parts: I. Critical edition; II. Description of the Latin used in the text; III. The history of research on As. Mos., including the author's conclusions with regard to the literary-historical questions; IV. Detailed commentary. A bibliography and indices complete the book.
This edition and commentary greatly enhance the accessibility of one of the most important witnesses of first-century Judaism, the matrix of earliest Christianity.

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Johannes Tromp, Ph.D. University of Leiden (1992), teaches the history of Judaism in the Hellenistic and Roman periods at Leiden University, the Netherlands.
' ...welcome volume.' L.L. Grabbe, SOTS, 1994. ' This commentary is a masterful piece of scholarship, worthy of the distinguished series in which it takes its place. T.'s book becomes the definitive English-language commentary on the Assumption of Moses, and it will remain so, I suspect, for some time.' Theodore A. Bergen, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, 1994. ' ...further studies on the Assumption of Moses can in the future build on the solid foundation provided by this "Critical Edition with Commentary". This will be a worthy volume to take its place in the renowned series of SVTP.' André LaCocque, Journal of Biblical Literature, 1995. ' A very competent edition.' PRD, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 1995. ' ...a solid contribution to the field.' Adam Kamesar, Journal of Jewish Studies, 1995. ' ...noteworthy contribution to the study of divine-human intermediaries in ancient Judaism...Tromp has provided a valuable instrument for the study of all aspects of this important text, and future students of the Assumption will be much indebted to him.' William Horbury, Vetus Testamentum, 1995.
biblical scholars and students of the history of Judaism.