The Medieval Chronicle 15

Essays in Honour of Erik Kooper


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The study of medieval chronicles is firmly established as a focus of research in the whole range of disciplines comprising Medieval Studies: literature, history, art history, linguistics, book history, digital humanities, and so forth. Each article in this volume dedicated to Erik Kooper presents a case study, balancing the particulars of the chosen materials with more generalized conclusions about their significance. The resulting collection is an anthology of different approaches in Medieval Chronicle Studies, presenting a rich overview of the geographical, linguistic, chronological and methodological diversity of chronicle research as it has developed in no small part thanks to Erik’s rallying.
Contributors are Marie Bláhová, Cristian Bratu, Beth Bryan, Godfried Croenen, Peter Damian-Grint, Kelly DeVries, Isabel Barros Dias, Graeme Dunphy, Márta Font, Chris Given-Wilson, Ryszard Grzesik, Isabelle Guyot-Bachy, Letty Ten Harkel, Michael Hicks, David Hook, Sjoerd Levelt, Julia Marvin, Charles Melville, Firuza Abdullaeva, Martine Meuwese, Sarah Peverley, Jaclyn Rajsic, Lisa Ruch, Françoise Le Saux, Carol Sweetenham, Grischa Vercamer, Alison Williams Lewin, and Jürgen Wolf.

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Sjoerd Levelt, Ph.D. (2010), the Warburg Institute, is Honorary Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol. He has published widely on Dutch and English chronicles and on cultural exchange between the people of the Low Countries and England in the Middle Ages and the early modern period.
Graeme Dunphy, Ph.D. (1996), Stirling University, Scotland, is professor of translation at the Technical University of Applied Sciences, Würzburg-Schweinfurt. He has published on medieval historiography, German studies and translation studies. He edited the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle (Brill, 2010).
Notes on Contributors

1 Die ‘Geschichte in Daten’ im Mittelalterlichen Böhmen
Marie Bláhová

2 Authorship in Medieval Breton Chronicles
Cristian Bratu

3 A Peculiar Polychronicon for a Peculiar Prose Brut: The Trevisa Abridgement in Cleveland, Dublin, and Oxford Manuscripts
Elizabeth J. Bryan

4 The Bruges Manuscript and Book III of Jean Froissart’s Chroniques
Godfried Croenen

5 Historian as Hagiographer? Benoît de Sainte-Maure’s Saintly Duke of Normandy
Peter Damian-Grint

6 The Changing Versions of Froissart’s Description of the Battle of Sluys, 1340
Kelly DeVries

7 On Friendship as Motivation and Object of the Historiographic Works of Pedro Afonso de Barcelos
Isabel Barros Dias

8 Perlocutionary and Illocutionary Chronicling: How an Ostensibly Constative Activity Affects the World around It
Graeme Dunphy

9 The Southern Principalities of Rus’ in the First Novgorodian Chronicle
Márta Font

10 English Translation of John Strecche’s Chronicle for the Reign of Henry IV
Chris Given-Wilson

11 Lost Polish Chronicle(s) in the Hungarian-Polish Chronicle
Ryszard Grzesik

12 À l’ombre des fleurs de lys: L’Abrégé du Ménestrel d’Alphonse de Poitiers
Isabelle Guyot-Bachy

13 Three Chronicles by London Clergymen and the Yorkist Version of the First War of the Roses
Michael Hicks

14 Creative Copyists
Numerical Problems in a Manuscript of the Crónica de Don Álvaro de Luna from the Bibliotheca Phillippica (MS 8415) and their Implications for Future Editions
David Hook

15 The Printing of the Middle English Prose Brut and the Early Stages of Anglo-Dutch Publishing
Sjoerd Levelt

16 A City of Two Tales: Late Medieval Siena
Alison Williams Lewin

17 Stumps, Branches and Trees: Patterns of Manuscript Survival versus Patterns of Textual Influence in the Prose Brut Tradition
Julia Marvin

18 The Image of Alexander the Great in Persian History, Epic and Romance
Charles Melville and Firuza Abdullaeva

19 Painted History in Chinon
Martine Meuwese

20 Divining the Past in London, Wellcome Library MS 8004: A Study and Edition of the Historical Notes in a Fifteenth-Century English Compendium
Sarah L. Peverley

21 Expanding the Family: Royal Genealogical Rolls and the Prose Brut Chronicle
Jaclyn Rajsic

22 (Re)Deeming the Historia Croylandensis as Historical Fiction
Lisa M. Ruch

23 Dating the Past in Wace’s Roman de Rou
Françoise Le Saux

24 1095 and All That: Brief Reflections on Social Memory and the ‘Non-Canonical’ Texts of the First Crusade
Carol Sweetenham

25 Between Material Reality and Literary Topos: ‘Towns’ in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Letty ten Harkel

26 Die Kritik des Einen Autors Entspricht dem Lob des Anderen
Das Bild König Stephans von England in der Historia Novella und den Gesta Stephani (12. Jahrhundert)
Grischa Vercamer

27 Lübeck Welthistorisch: Die Anfänge der Städtisch-Lübischen Geschichtsschreibung um 1300
Jürgen Wolf

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