Communes and Conflict: Urban Rebellion in Late Medieval Flanders


In Communes and Conflict, Jan Dumolyn and Jelle Haemers explore the urban rebellions that regularly erupted in Flanders between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. They analyse not only how these rebellions were sparked and repressed, but also how they shaped the culture and identity of Flemish townspeople. Drawing from a wide range of theoretical methods and concepts, including those of discourse analysis, semiotics, speech acts, collective memory and material cultural studies, the authors return to key Marxist questions on ideology, labour and class interest to map the perspectives of the rebels, the urban patriciate and the Flemish and Burgundian nobility.

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Jan Dumolyn is a professor of history at Ghent University. He has published extensively on late medieval labour history, urban rebellion, politics, material culture and law, as well as more widely on Marxist theory and contemporary class struggle. This includes books on the Bruges uprising of 1436–1438, on Burgundian local governance, court societies and state-formation and on struggles from "the bottom-up" against globalizing neoliberalism.

Jelle Haemers is a professor of medieval history at KU Leuven. He has written three books on urban revolts in the county of Flanders. In recent years his research interests have widened to encompass the social history of the late medieval town, notably in the Low Countries (1100–1600). He has also published on the use of social theory in history, the late medieval nobility, and women's history.
University libraries, academics and students in history and sociology, a general readership interested in medieval history and Flemish culture.
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