Yearbook of Ancient Greek Epic

Volume 6


The Yearbook of Ancient Greek Epic (YAGE) publishes articles on all aspects of the epic tradition from Homer to Nonnus. Volume 6 comprises five articles: on visual aspects of the scar episode in Odyssey 19, on heroism and loot in the Iliad, on formulaic language in the Cyclic Thebaid, on the neo-Assyrian background of Odyssey 11, and on the aims, audiences, and pedagogical goals of a recently published commentary on book 1 of the Iliad.

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Jonathan L. Ready, Ph.D. (2004), University of California, Berkeley, is Professor of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan. His most recent monograph is Immersion, Identification, and the Iliad (2023).
Christos Tsagalis, Ph.D. (1998), Cornell University, is Professor of Greek at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has authored 9 monographs: Epic Grief (2004); The Oral Palimpsest (2008); Inscribing Sorrow (2008); Space in the Iliad, (2012); Ομηρικές μελέτες (2016); Early Greek Epic Fragments I (2017); Τέχνη ραψωδική (2018); Early Greek Fragments II (2022); Early Greek Poetry: Language, Interpretation, Performance (2023).
Contributors are: Margalit Finkelberg, David Quint, Connor Purcell Wood, Marcus Ziemann, Seth L. Schein.

1 Homer’s Moving Pictures: Audio-Visual Aspects of the Scar Episode (Odyssey 19.386–504)
Margalit Finkelberg

2 Heroism and Loot in the Iliad
David Quint

3 Formular Mutation and the Oral Character of the Cyclic Thebaid
Connor Purcell Wood

4 Raising the Dead: the Neo-Assyrian Ideological Background of Odyssey 11
Marcus Ziemann

5 Commenting on Homer
Seth L. Schein

All students and scholars of ancient Greek epic will wish to consult this volume.
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