Finding Joy

Radical Collegiality and Relational Pedagogies of Care in Education


How can we manifest more relational care in education by harnessing joy in the school setting? Finding Joy suggests it is found in care-based pedagogies, radical collegiality and relational reading practices. Guided by philosophical conversations with educational thinkers whose works have informed the author’s own praxis over a twenty-year career in public education, at the end of each chapter the reader is given provocations for reflection through a series of questions.

Finding Joy offers readers the opportunity to spend time with educational philosophers like Gert Biesta, Nel Noddings, Michael Fielding and Maxine Greene. A relational reading of education-adjacent thinkers like D.W. Winnicott and Martha Nussbaum also point to the work that must be done to sustain and grow a thriving collegium in a changing world. Using narrative interviews and a/r/tographical research to help unpack what care looks like in education across various sectors, this book suggests that collegiality and care are required for the support of both teachers and students.

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Natalie Davey, Ph.D. (2016), Yorkville University, teaches in the Faculty of Education at that university. She has published numerous articles and book chapters in North America and internationally.


1 Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Relational Pedagogies in the K-12 Classroom
 1 Relational Pedagogy: An Introduction
 2 Relational Pedagogy in Action
 3 Social-Emotional Learning and Relational Pedagogies
 4 Reflection Questions for Educators

2 Finding Joy through Care: Nel Noddings’ Caring Relation
 1 Reflection Questions for Educators

3 A Pedagogy of Care
 1 The Good Enough Teacher
 2 Building the Framework: Hochschild, Noddings and Winnicott
 3 Key Tenets: A Pedagogical Model of Car
 4 Barriers
 5 An Anticipated Future of Educational Care
 6 Reflection Questions for Educators

4 Radical Collegiality and Cross-Institutional Partnerships
 1 Research Methodology
 2 Fielding’s “Radical Collegiality”
 3 Student Surveys and Narrative Analysis of Participant Interviews
 4 Extending beyond This Study
 5 Reflection Questions for Educators

5 Finding Joy through a Relational Reading Practice
 1 Relational Learning through Relational Reading
 2 Relational Reading with Gert Biesta
 3 Biesta’s Relational Reading of Levinas
 4 Relational Reading with Maxine Greene
 5 Narrative Compassion: Putting Biesta and Greene into Action
 6 Compassion, Joy and Relational Care
 7 Reflection Questions for Educators

6 Finding Joy: How to Be Good Enough beyond the Classroom
 1 Pedagogies of Care and Radical Collegiality in the Virtual Classroom
 2 Pedagogies of Care and Radical Collegiality beyond the Classroom

K-12 teachers, teacher candidates, Faculty of Education students (post-graduate), Faculty of Education instructors, Faculty of Education libraries
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