Yearbook on the African Union Volume 3 (2022)


Volume Editor:
This is the third edition of the Yearbook on the African Union (YBAU). The YBAU is first and foremost an academic project that provides an in-depth evaluation and analysis of the institution, its processes, and its engagements. Despite the increased agency in recent years of the African Union in general, and the AU Commission in particular, little is known – outside expert policy or niche academic circles – about the Union’s activities. This is the gap the Yearbook on the African Union wants to systematically address. It seeks to be a reference point for in-depth research, evidence-based policy-making and decision-making.

Contributors are Festus Kofi Aubyn, Mandira Bagwandeen, Habibu Yaya Bappah, Bruce Byiers, Annie Barbara Hazviyemurwi Chikwanha, Dawit Yohannes Wondemagegnehu, Linnea Gelot, Cheryl Hendricks, Jens Herpolsheimer, Aïssatou Kanté, Tim Murithi, Edefe Ojomo, Thomas Tieku, Gino Vlavonou, Tim Zajontz.

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Ulf Engel is Professor of ‘Politics in Africa’ at Leipzig University. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies at Addis Ababa University and the Department of Political Science at Stellenbosch University, respectively.

List of Figures and Tables
List of Abbreviations
Notes on Contributors

1 Introduction
Ulf Engel

PART 1: The Year-in-Review

2 The World as Seen from Addis: The Africa Union and the Evolving Geopolitical Context
Tim Murithi
3 The State of the Union
Ulf Engel
4 Senegal’s Chairmanship of the African Union
Aïssatou Kanté

PART 2: African Union Policy Fields

5 Climate Change
Ulf Engel
6 Education, Science, and Technology
Ulf Engel
7 Governance
Annie Barbara Hazviyemurwi Chikwanha
8 Health
Edefe Ojomo, Habibu Yaya Bappah, and Ulf Engel
9 Infrastructure
Tim Zajontz and Mandira Bagwandeen
10 Peace and Security
Dawit Yohannes Wondemagegnehu
11 Regional Integration and Trade
Bruce Byiers
12 Strategic Partnerships
Ulf Engel
13 Women and Youth
Cheryl Hendricks and Ulf Engel

PART 3: Book Reviews

New Publications on Continental Matters
Book review editor: Jens Herpolsheimer

PART 4: Appendices

Appendix 1: Chronicle of Key AU Events, 2022
Appendix 2: Inventory of AU Decisions, 2022
Appendix 3: Key AU Office Holders, 2022

The book appeals to post-graduate students, scholars and researchers in policy-oriented research circles, so-called practitioners and experts, journalists as well as international organisations’ and non-governmental organisations’ staff, diplomats and policymakers.
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