The Book of the Činggis Legend

A Critical Edition of a Seventeenth-century Volga-Turkī Source


Editor / Translator:
The Book of the Činggis Legend is a product of the steppe’s oral historiography, referring to events from the 13th−17th centuries, and presents the collective historical consciousness of the nomadic peoples of the Volga region's Turco-Tatar world.
The stories offer abundant information on the society, way of thinking and morals of the nomads, one of them can even be regarded as a kind of nomad “mirror of princes”. The other ones incorporate such crucial events in the Volga region as the islamization of nomad clans, epidemic, famine, the appearance of Halley’s Comet, the uprising of the Bashkirs, etc.
This book includes the first critical text edition of the source, the first full translation into English along with a glossary, historical comments, a huge apparatus and the three most complete facsimiles of the manuscript.

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Mária Ivanics, DSc (2009) is Professor emeritus at the University of Szeged, Department of Altaic Studies. She has published several books, articles, and source editions concerning the history of the Golden Horde and its successor states, including a monograph entitled The Crimean Khanate in the Long Turkish War (1591−1606) (in Hungarian, 1994).
Turkologists, Central Asianists, scholars of Mongol studies; historians of Russia, in particular of the Volga-Ural Region.
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