Poverty, Eschatology and the Medieval Church

Studies in Honor of David Burr


This volume is a collection of essays written in honor of David Burr, emeritus professor at the Polytechnic University of Virginia (Blacksburg): a scholar who has spent a career researching and publishing on the multi-faceted phenomenon of the Spiritual Franciscans (late 13th-early 14th century) and, in particular, on the life and writings of Peter of John Olivi in southern France.
Representing some of the finest scholars in the field these eighteen scholarly essays touch on aspects of both phenomena. Three essays are devoted to the historiography of David Burr; three are dedicated to medieval Apocalypticism; another seven deal specifically with Peter of John Olivi; and five final essays explore aspects of the Spiritual Franciscans, their precursors and adherents.
Contributors are C. Colt Anderson, Marco Bartoli, Michael F. Cusato, Gilbert Dahan, Alberto Forni, Fortunato Iozzelli, Philip D. Krey, Robert E. Lerner, Warren Lewis, Michele Lodone, Kevin Madigan, Antonio Montefusco, Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel, Dabney G. Park, Sylvain Piron, Gian Luca Potestà, Marco Rainini, and Paolo Vian.

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Michael F. Cusato, O.F.M., (Sorbonne, 1991), is a former director of the Franciscan Institute (St. Bonaventure University, USA) and currently an independent scholar. He has written prolifically on the Franciscan movement in the 13th and early 14th century, including a series of reprinted studies The Early Franciscan Movement (1205-1239) (Spoleto, 2009) and a monograph, Francis of Assisi (Reaktion Books, 2023)
Dabney G. Park, Ph.D. (1971), Tulane University, is an adjunct professor of modern languages at the University of Miami and a specialist in Dante studies. His major scholarly focus has been on the relationship between Dante and the medieval Franciscans. He has published a number of articles in Dante Studies, Franciscan Studies and Annali d’Italianistica.
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PART 1: The Historiography of David Burr

1 David Burr: Life and Career
Kevin Madigan
2 Recapitulation or Chronological Progression? David Burr Treats Medieval Commentaries on the Book of Revelation
Robert E. Lerner
3 David Burr, the Book of Revelation and American Historiography
Alberto Forni and Paolo Vian

PART 2: Medieval Apocalypticism: Joachim of Fiore and His Legacy

4 La nova Babilon secondo Gioacchino da Fiore e Pietro di Giovanni Olivi
Gian Luca Potestà
5 Che cosa è il “Liber Figurarum” di Gioacchino da Fiore?
Marco Rainini
6 Il futuro è dei bambini? Storia di una profezia dal XIII al XV secolo
Marco Bartoli

PART 3: Peter of John Olivi: Life and Writings

7 Textual Criticism in the Franciscan Exegesis of the 13th Century. Peter of John Olivi: A Case Study
Gilbert Dahan
8 Bonaventure and Olivi: When Fidelity Leads to Divergence
C. Colt Anderson
9 The Manuscripts of Peter of John Olivi’s Lectura super Apocalipsim in Toulouse and Berlin: Research on the Oldest Textual Tradition
Alberto Forni and Paolo Vian
10 Olivi’s Philosophy of Evil in History
Warren Lewis
11 The Last Unedited Question of Olivi on Evangelical Perfection: Concerning Suspicious Encounters with Women ( QPE 7)
Sylvain Piron
12 A Comparison of the Commentaries on Luke of Peter of John Olivi and Nicholas of Lyra
Philip Krey
13 Una fonte oliviana nel sermone In Visitatione beatae Mariae Virginis di Bernardino da Siena
Fortunato Iozzelli, O.F.M.

PART 4: The Spiritual Franciscans: Their Precursors and Adherents

14 Rush to Judgment? The Trial of John of Parma
Dabney G. Park
15 John of Murrovalle, Cardinal Protector of the Franciscan Order (1307–1312), and the Spiritual Franciscans
Michael F. Cusato, O.F.M
16 Following the Heart: Relics, Martyrdom and the Relational Space among the Beguins of Languedoc
Delfi I. Nieto-Isabel
17 Chronicle or History: The Uncertain Literary Genre of a Dissident Story
Antonio Montefusco
18 Dal Monte degli Ulivi alla Verna: riscritture francescane di Matteo 24
Michele Lodone

Of interest to scholars and students of medieval Franciscan history, in particular anyone concerned with Peter of John Olivi and the broader movement of the Spiritual Franciscans.
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