The Art Market and the Global South


This book examines the art markets of the Global South while questioning, based on the heterogeneity of the selected contributions, the very idea of its existence in the context of the global art market. Gathering new research by recognized scholars, you will discover different markets from the so-called Global South, their structure, the external determinants affecting their behavior, their role in the art system’s development, and how they articulate with other agents at the local, regional, and international level. In this publication, an important wealth of research on various African countries stands out, providing an unprecedented overview of the markets in that region.

This volume originates from the TIAMSA conference The Art Market and the Global South: New Perspectives and Plural Approaches, held in Lisbon in 2019.

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Adelaide Duarte, Ph.D. (1974), is Researcher and Deputy Director at the Institute of Art History, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Her lectures and edited publications focus on the Portuguese art market and particularly on contemporary private art collections.

Marta Pérez-Ibáñez, Ph.D. (1965), is Professor at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain. She is specialized in contemporary art market, with thirty years’ experience in management, research and graduate teaching.
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Notes on Contributors

Introducing the Art Market and the Global South
Adelaide Duarte and Marta Pérez-Ibáñez

Part 1: Diversity: Southern Art Markets

1 New Markets for Indian Art: the Growth of an Ecosystem in the New Millennium
Filip Vermeylen and Shambhavi Bhat

2 Is There Such a Thing as a « Global South »? Contemporary Visual Arts, the Art Market and Institutions in “Southern Countries”
Alain Quemin

3 Hub Cities and Regional Framing in a Globalising Art Market: The Construction of a Southeast Asian Art Scene in Singapore
Jeremie Molho

4 Analyzing the International Art Trade from the Global South Perspective
Joanna Bialynicka-Birula

5 Latin American Contemporary Art Market Narratives in a Creative Economy Context
Jimena Peña Bennett (Ph.d.)

Part 2: New Markets: Focus Africa

6 Toward Global Transmodernity: Contemporary Visual Art Games in Twelve African Cities
Michael Hutter

7 Oasis in the Desert: Evolution of the Market for Contemporary Art in Nigeria
Jonathan Adeyemi

8 Tracing the Impact of Western-Centric Validation on Curatorial Practices and the Development of the Art-Ecosystems on the African Continent
Mary Corrigall

9 Okwui Enwezor’s Impact – (Southern) African Contemporary Art in the International Art Market from 2015 to 2020
Ginevra Addis

Part 3: Fluidity: Agents in the Art System

10 Strategies of Collectivization: Art Market Alternatives from the Global South
John Zarobell

11 Artists’ Initiatives in the Global South and Their New Economy
Raffaella Frascarelli and Valerio Rocco Orlando

12 Global [South] Positioning: the Role of Auctions and Policy in the Strategic Locating of Singapore and “Southeast Asian Art” in a Global Market
Anita Archer

13 The Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair and the Internationalization of Art Market in Turkey
Burhan Fındıklı and Busra Hasboyaci

14 No Compass. Neither South nor North: Between Parintins and Phnom Penh
Alexandre Melo

Final Considerations
Ana Letícia Fialho
This book is of relevance to art markets students (post-graduate, master, and Ph.D.), art historians, sociologists, museologists, economists, cultural studies, curators, artists, as well as to practitioners and specialists on the art markets field (auctioneers, gallerists).
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