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In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Italian Renaissance art, objects, and even the idea of Italy itself figured heavily both in the dynamic international art market and in the eyes of the general public. The alternative objects that were actively dispersed and collected -- authentic works, pastiches, Renaissance-inspired counterfeits, and reproductions -- in the diverse media of paint, plaster, terracotta, and photography, had a tremendous impact on visual culture across social strata. These essays examine less studied aspects of this market through the lens of just a few of the countless successful sales of objects out of Italy.

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Denise Budd, Ph.D. (2002) Columbia University, is an Associate Professor at Bergen Community College. Her subjects of her research and publications range from Leonardo da Vinci to, more recently, the Washington, D.C.-based tapestry dealer Charles Mather Ffoulke (1841-1909).

Lynn Catterson, Ph.D. (2002) Columbia University, lectures on Italian Renaissance art, the nineteenth-century art market and issues of authenticity. She has published widely on the Florentine dealer Stefano Bardini, his archive in Florence and his European and transatlantic business.
" The inexhaustible wealth of documentation in Stefano Bardini’s archives has once again enabled the editors to produce a work extremely rich in previously unpublished information. We can only praise this undertaking, and hope that it will continue to flourish, opening the door to other archive collections and thus enriching the knowledge we have today about collecting and the international art market."
Giancarla Cilmi in Journal of the History of Collections (2024).
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Part 1: Possession by Replica

1 Export/Import: Italian Plaster Casts Come to the United States
Martha Dunkelman

2 Art Cannot Delight the Multitude It Cannot Reach: The Western Gallery of Art and the Pisani Gallery
MacKenzie Mallon

3 The Torrigiani Affair
Denise M. Budd and Lynn Catterson

Part 2 : Possession via Various Afterlives

4 Carrying Home Renaissance Florence in Extra-Illustrated Copies of George Eliot’s Romola
Jacqueline Marie Musacchio

5 Mary Blair as Collector of Medieval and Renaissance, Old and Reborn
Kerri A. Pfister

6 Staging Italian Artworks at the 1900 Paris Universal Exposition for the Benefit of a Transnational Art Market
Paola Cordera

Part 3 : Art and Its Removal

7 Protecting Patrimony in Late 19th-Century Ferrara: Garofalo’s Frescoes in Palazzo Costabili and the Attempted Purchase by Stefano Bardini
Lorenzo Orsini

8 State Confiscation of Illegally Commodified Former Ecclesiastical Art Objects and the Waning of the Post-Unification Art Market in Italy
Joanna Smalcerz

Part 4 : Italy for America

9 ‘Here, There, and Everywhere:’ Harold Parsons, the Italian Art Market and a Letter of 1948
Eliot W. Rowlands

10 Ugo Bardini: Artist and Dealer of Botticelli’s Cincinnati Judith
Maria Eletta Benedetti

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Academic libraries and institutes, researchers, curators, collectors, dealers, auction houses, post-graduate students interested in the History of Collecting and Collections, History of the Art Market, Visual Culture.
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