Searching for the Cinaedus in Ancient Rome


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The cryptic figure of the cinaedus recurs in both the literature and daily life of the Roman world. His afterlife – the equally cryptic catamite – appears to be well and alive as late as Victorian England. But who was the cinaedus? Should we think of a real group of individuals, or is the term but a scare name to keep at bay any form of threating otherness? This book, the first coherent collection of essays on the topic, addresses the matter and fleshes out the complexity of a debate that concerns not only Roman cinaedi but the foundations of our theoretical approach to the study of ancient sexuality.

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Tommaso Gazzarri, Yale University Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Classics at Union College (NY). He publishes on Republican theatre, Seneca, Roman Stoicism, and silver Latin literature.
Jesse Weiner, University of CA, Irvine, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Classics at Hamilton College (NY). He publishes broadly on Latin literature, drama, classical reception studies, and sexuality and gender studies.
Contributors are: Giulia Sissa, Tom Sapsford, John R. Clarke, Tommaso Gazzarri, Judith P. Hallett, Donald Lateiner, Jesse Weiner, Benjamin Eldon Stevens, Kirk Ormand, Barbara K. Gold, Mark Masterson.
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Edited by J.J.H. Klooster (University of Groningen), K.M. Coleman (Harvard University), R. Gagné (University of Cambridge), C.C. de Jonge (Leiden University), C. Pieper (Leiden University), T. Reinhardt (Oxford University)

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Introduction: Searching for the Cinaedus in Classical Antiquity
Tommaso Gazzarri () and Jesse Weiner ()

1 κιναίδων βίος: Lifestyle, and Sensuality in Ancient Greek Thought
Giulia Sissa ()

2 Cleomachus: a Study in ‘Cinaedic’ Associations
Thomas Sapsford ()

3 Representing the Cinaedus in Roman Visual Culture: Seeing, Speaking, Touching
John R. Clarke ()

4 Cinaedus Galbinatus: Cultural Perception of the Color ‘Green’ and Its Gender Association with Pathici in Rome
Tommaso Gazzarri ()

5 Connotation and ‘Com-motion’: Putting the Kinesis into the Roman Cinaedus
Judith P. Hallett () and Donald Lateiner ()

6 The Kinaidos Comes to Rome: Plautus’ Cinaedi
Jesse Weiner ()

7 The ‘Chorus Cinaedorum’ in Apuleius’ Golden Ass
Benjamin Eldon Stevens ()

8 Did (Imaginary) Cinaedi Have Sex with Women?
Kirk Ormand ()

9 Can a Woman Be a Cinaedus? Interrogating Catullus 10 and Roman Social Norms
Barbara K. Gold ()

10 Kinaidos: the Afterlife of a Term in the Byzantine Empire
Mark Masterson ()

This book is intended for classicists (graduate and post-graduate), as well as for all scholars with an interest in gender studies
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