The Two Faces of Graeco-Roman Egypt

Greek and Demotic and Greek-Demotic Texts and Studies Presented to P.W. Pestman


Editors: Verhoogt and Vleeming
On May 1st, 1998 Professor P.W.Pestman retired from academic teaching. His contributions to the field of papyrology are well known: he has continually stressed the importance of Egyptian sources for the study of Greek and Roman Egypt, and the importance of studying the Greek and Egyptian documentation together, in context. Indeed, he has been among the first to link the formerly separate Greek and Egyptian documentation, establishing modern papyrological practice. He has thus given an Egyptian face to Graeco-Roman society, to complement the Greek face that had previously dominated papyrology. The present volume contains twelve contributions by members and alumni of the Papyrologisch Instituut that illustrate the two faces of Graeco-Roman Egypt and show how they may be tied together.

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A.M.F.W. Verhoogt, Reader in Greek Papyrology in the University of Leiden, specialises in the study of juridical documents of Greek and Roman Egypt. S.P. Vleeming, Professor of Egyptology in the University of Trier, specialises in the study of the juridical documents of Late Period Egypt.
W. Clarysse, Ethnic Diversity and Dialect among the Greeks of Hellenistic Egypt L. Criscuolo, Papiri e lingerie F.A.J. Hoogendijk, Der scribo behindert die Flotte des patricius: ein Brief aus dem Dossier des Flavius Strategius Paneuphemos (= pseudo-Strategius III) N. Kruit, Age Reckoning in Hellenistic Egypt: The Evidence of Declarations of Birth, Excerpts from the Ephebe Registers, and Census Returns P. van Minnen, Berenice, a Business Woman from Oxyrhynchus: Appearance and Reality B.P. Muhs, The Chronology of the Reign of Ptolemy II Reconsidered A. Roccati, Lessico dinamico nell'egiziano antico W.J. Tait and J.D. Thomas, Greek and Demotic Accounts on a Papyrus at the Bodleian Library Oxford K. Vandorpe and W. Clarysse, A Greek Winery for Sale in a Fayum Demotic Papyrus A.M.F.W. Verhoogt, Family Papers from Tebtunis: Unfolding a Bundle of Papyri S.P. Vleeming, A Demotic Doppelurkunde J.K. Winnicki, Völkernamen als Personennamen im spätpharaonischen und griechisch-römischen Ägypten