Authenticating the Words of Jesus


This volume reviews the criteria, assumptions, and methods involved in critical Jesus research. Its purpose is to clarify the procedures necessary to distinguish tradition that stems from Jesus from tradition and interpretation that stem from later tradents and evangelists.

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Bruce D. Chilton, Ph.D. (1976) in Biblical Studies, Cambridge University, is Professor of Hebrew Bible and New Testament at Bard College, New York. He has published numerous books and scholarly articles on Jesus and Judaism.
Craig A. Evans, Ph.D. (1983) in Biblical Studies, Claremont Graduate School, is Professor of Biblical Studies and Director of the Graduate Program at Trinity Western University and Senior Research Fellow at Roehampton Institute London. He is the author of numerous books.
"...this is a useful collection of contributions to the Jesus debate." - Robert J. Miller, in: Religious Studies Review, 2001
All those interested in Jesus research, early Christianity, early Judaism, and Israel in the first century.
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