The Implied Reader in Isaiah 6-12


This monograph contains an analysis of the text-internal reader in Isaiah 6-12.
For that purpose, two modern literary methods are incorporated in Old Testament Exegesis. First, the research makes use of text-linguistics, so it is explicitly based on the idiom of Biblical Hebrew. Next, the domain analysis provides a means of outlining communicative situations between characters, implied author and implied reader, in accordance with various diagrams.
This research shows that the implied reader is involved in the communication evoked by the text. Not only is the implied reader manipulated by the composition of Isa 6-12 as a whole, but he or she is also directly addressed by the implied author. Moreover, he or she is related to the points in time, varying from standing at a certain distance to being involved in the now-moment.

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Archibald L.H.M. van Wieringen, Ph.D. (1993) in Theology, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, is Lecturer in Old Testament Exegesis and Biblical Hebrew at the same university. He has various publications to his name, especially on Isaiah, from a text-linguistic and literary viewpoint.
All those interested in Old Testament, Exegesis, Biblical Hebrew text-linguistics, modern literary methods and reader-response-criticism, as well as theologians, literary scholars and linguists.