The Jews of Yemen

Studies in their History and Culture


This volume deals with one of the most peculiar Jewish communities in the Diaspora, the Jews of Yemen. Their history began a long time before the advent in 622 AD of Islam. Their political and social highpoint came during the last generations of the Judaized Yemenite Kingdom of Himyar (c. 400-525).
This book contains 16 studies, encompassing various aspects of Jewish existence in Yemen as a dhimmi (protected) religious minority under Islam: history, social and cultural relations with the Muslim environment, culture, literature and language. Yemenite Jewish traditions are highly esteemed in the modern spiritual and artistic life of the Jewish people both in the State of Israel and in the Diaspora.
All the studies in this volume (except one written in collaboration with 'Offer Livneh) are the work of one of the leading scholars of Yemenite Jewry.

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Yosef Tobi, Ph.D. (1981) in Hebrew Literature, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a Professor of Hebrew Literature at the Univesity of Haifa. He has published extensively on the Jews of Yemen, medieval Hebrew poetry and Judeo-Arabic literature. Editorl of TEMA, Journal of Judeo-Yemenite Studies (Hebrew and English).
'...the author [...] is to be congratulated for yet another stimulating contribution to the field of Yemeni studies and for bringing significant insights into diverse aspects of the lives of the Yemeni Jews to the purview of readers who are not proficient in Hebrew.'
Reuben Ahroni, Medieval Encounters, 2000.
All those interested in Jewish history, history of Yemen, history of Islam, Muslim culture and Arabic language.
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