Medieval Jerusalem and Islamic Worship

Holy Places, Ceremonies, Pilgrimage


Author: Amikam Elad
Medieval Jerusalem and Islamic Worship treats of the holy sites of the Muslims in Jerusalem and the ceremonies and pilgrimage to these places during the early Muslim period. It is based primarily on primary Arabic sources, some of which have been used for the first time. Emphasis is given to the works of “ Literature in Praise of Jerusalem”, an important and unique source for the history and topography of the city.
Many of the topics in this book have never been dealt with before, e.g. the detailed description of the first known guide for the Muslim pilgrim to Jerusalem, that dates from the 11th century, and the supplementary discussion of the 16th-century guide. Both guides are still in manuscript and have never been published.

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Amikam Elad, Ph.D. (1987) in Medieval Islamic History, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, is a senior lecturer at the department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University. He has published extensively on a vast range of topics relating to early Islamic history, in particular the early ‘Abbāsid period and on the history of Palestine during the medieval Islamic period.
' This study of medieval Islamic travelogues and traditions in praise of Jerusalem contains important material for students of the intellectual and cultural background to Middle Eastern affairs...'
S. Ward, Choice, 1995.
' This work is a thorough overview of the development of Jerusalem as a place of Muslim pilgrimage, divided into four main sections...a useful reference work, worth considering for classes dealing with pilgrimage or the notion of sacred space.'
Brannon M. Wheeler, Religious Studies Review, 1996.
This book will be of interest to scholars of Medieval Islamic History, as well as to the educated layman in both western and Arab countries.