The Great Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaª)

A New Edition


This edition comprises new transcriptions of the great Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaᵃ), with photographs and a bibliography. The transcriptions were created from the leather scroll itself which is housed in the Shrine of the Book of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem and from three different sets of photographs. The transcriptions were then checked against enhanced computer images of the John C. Trever negatives, which were scanned into digitized format, manipulated and enhanced to illuminate difficult-to-read characters.
The goal of this edition of the transcriptions is to represent the text with the greatest possible accuracy; most emendations by different scribal hands are indicated. It does not, however, indicate all the technical details regarding the corrections.
The photographs belong to the S.J. Schweig and the John C. Trever collections. The 25-page bibliography pertains to scholarly materials which deal with 1QIsaᵃ.

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Donald W. Parry, Ph.D. in Hebrew Literature and Language, is a member of the international team of editors working on the Dead Sea Scrolls, and author or editor of ten books and forty-five articles. Among his published works are Current Research and Technological Developments on the Dead Sea Scrolls (Brill, 1996) and The Provo International Conference on the Dead Sea Scrolls: New Texts, Reformulated Issues, and Technological Innovations, edited with Eugene C. Ulrich (Brill, 1998).
Elisha Qimron, Ph.D. (1976) The Hebrew University, Jerusalem is currently Chairman of the Department of Hebrew at Ben-Gurion University. His publications include The Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls, The Temple Scroll, and DJD vol. X.
' …this new edition is of great importance for the ongoing research of the great Isaiah scroll.
Arie van der Kooij, Bibliotheca Orientalis, 2003.
' We are greatly indebted to Parry and Qimron for providing a much improved edition of this most important of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Peter J. Gentry.
All those interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Qumran, the Hebrew language, biblical studies, Second Temple Jewry, parabiblical texts, and especially the text of Isaiah.