God Reinvented?

A Theological Search in Texts and Tables


Everywhere in the western world the process of secularization leads to the decline of faith in God. The concept of secularization itself, however, has come under attack by critics who believe that it does not adequately account for processes which may be part of a certain renascence, as marginal and unrecognized as it may be, of belief in God. Whether these processes are actually taking place, and whether this renascence, if such it is, will bring about a transformation of that belief are questions still waiting to be answered. Are we witnessing the (re)creation of God images, or the (re)discovery of God? The tension between (re)creation and (re)discovery lies at the root of this book and its title, which has been framed very intentionally as a question: God Reinvented?

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Johannes A. van der Ven, Ph.D. (1973) in Theology, University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands), Honorary Doctor in Theology, University of Lund (Sweden), is Professor of Practical Theology and Empirical Theology at the University of Nijmegen and extraordinary Professor at the University of South Africa, Pretoria, (South Africa). He has published: Practical Theology: An Empirical Approach (Peeters); Ecclesiology in Context (Eerdmans); Formation of the Moral Self (Eerdmans); Education for Reflective Ministry (Peeters).
'Van der Ven's book can be seen as an important contribution to a continuing theological dialogue that is much needed at this point.'
Ch.Morgenthaler, Journal of Empirical Theology, 2001.
Students of theology, theologians, pastors, and those interested in faith in God within modern western society.
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