David in the Fourth Gospel

The Johannine Reception of the Psalms


This volume deals with the reception of the psalms in the New Testament, taking as an example the Fourth Gospel, a work profoundly shaped by early Christian liturgy. It explores the contemporary Jewish attribution of the Psalms to David, an idealized figure envisaged as Temple founder and man of prayer. It then shows how this image of David has affected the way the Fourth Evangelist draws on the psalms through quotation, allusion and echo. It frequently demonstrates that the Fourth Gospel attests to Jewish psalm interpretations found in rabbinic sources. Challenging the prevailing view that the Fourth Evangelist intentionally dissociates Jesus from David, this book argues that David as psalmist plays a highly significant role in the Johannine portrayal of Jesus.

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Margaret Daly-Denton, Ph.D. (1997), lectures in New Testament at Trinity College and the Milltown Institute, Dublin. An established composer of liturgical music, her current research interests lie with the early Christian reception of the psalms.
'This book is a pleasure to read. The style is clear and accesible, the arguments carefully wrought, and the high quality of the research ensures that one cannot fail to read it with profit…Full of insight and a mine of information…a learned and valuable contribution to the whole complex field.'
Wendy Sproston North, Journal of Theological Studies, 2001.
Scholars of the use of the Old Testament in the NewTestament, the witness of the New Testament to early Jewish exegesis, the role of psalmody in early Christian liturgy, the New Testament as literature.
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