Handbook of Christianity in China

Volume One: 635 - 1800


Who were the main actors in propagating Christianity in China? Where did Christian communities settle? What discussions were held in China, concerning Christianity? These, and many other, questions are answered in this reference work, which is divided in a systematic part and analytical articles.
This handbook represents a true reference guide to the reception of Christianity in pre-1800 China. It presents to the reader, in comprehensive fashion, all current knowledge of Christianity in China, and guides him through the main Chinese and Western sources, bibliographies and archives.
The scope of the volume is broad and covers a wide range of topics, such as theology, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, cannon, botany, art, music, and more.

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Nicolas Standaert, Ph.D. (1984) in Chinese Studies, University of Leiden, Lic.S. Theo. (1994) Fujen University, is Professor of Chinese Studies at the Catholic University Leuven. He has published extensively on Sino-Western cultural exchange in the seventeenth century.
'There is no question that this work is one of immense value to all students and teachers of Chinese Christian history and theology and one which takes to new levels the provision of comprehensive sources and tools for research'.
John C.England, Asia Journal of Theology, 2002.
'...the most complete guide yet available for eleven centuries of Chinese Christian life'.
John C.England, Asia Journal of Theology, 2002.
The publishers and editors of the “Handbook of Oriental Studies” series are to be congratulated on their productivity and high intellectual standards, which go from strength to strength.
T.H. Barrett, School of Oriental & African Studies, 2001.
This reference work will prove stimulating material to those interested in the cultural exchange between China and the West, scholars of China and religions in China, cultural studies, philosophy, and Church history.
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