Daoism Handbook


Thirty major scholars in the field wrote this new, authoritative guide to the main features and development of Daoism. The chapters are devoted to either specific periods, or topics such as Women in Daoism, Daoism in Korea and Daoist Ritual Music. Each chapter rigidly deals with a fixed set of aspects, such as history, texts, worldview and practices.
Clear markings in the chapters themselves and a detailed index make this volume the most accessible key resource on Daoism past and present.

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Preliminary Material
Pages: i–xxxviii
Daoist Ritual Today
Pages: 659–682
Daoist Art
Pages: 709–746
Daoism in Korea
Pages: 792–820
Index of Names
Pages: 843–861
Index of Places
Pages: 862–868
Index of Titles
Pages: 870–885
Index of Subjects
Pages: 887–914
Handbook of Oriental Studies
Section 4 : China
Pages: 915
Livia Kohn, Ph.D. (1980) in Chinese Studies, Bonn University, is Professor of Religious Studies at Boston University. She has published extensively on the Daoist tradition and its mysticism and mythology, including Early Chinese Mysticism (1992), The Taoist Experience (1993), Laughing at the Tao (1995) and God of the Dao (1998).
"…ein unverzichtbares Forschungshilfsmittel … Es gibt gegenwärtig kein anderes Werk, das einen ähnlich vollständigen Überblick über die daoistische Tradition bietet." – Hubert Seiwert, in: Zeitschrift für Relligionswissenschaft, 2005
"Eine erstaunlich reiche Quelle für Foschung wie Lehre bildet das Daism Handbook von Livia Kohn. Es könnte und sollte das Studium des Daoismus im Westen anregen und bereichern." – Knut Walf, in: Orientierung, 2001
"The Daoism Handbook is the most comprehensive, English-language, intellectual book on Daosim available." – in: Quarterly Review, 2003
Scholars of East Asia, comparative religions, daoism, (Chinese) history of culture, philosophy.
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