Brill's Companion to the Study of Greek Comedy


The present volume sets forth the main resources for the advancing student of Ancient Greek Comedy. An international roster of specialists contributes chapters organized into three sections: "Contexts": the intellectual, physical and socio-historical setting of Athenian Comedy; "History": the literary history of the Old, Middle and New periods; and "Elements": the text, language and formal components of the genre (including a comprehensive bibliography). This Companion is designed as a resource for understanding and interpreting the classics of Athenian Comedy from its inception through Menander. It will also be useful for navigating the principal corpora of texts, fragments and scholia that have been revised and augmented in recent years.This unique volume occupies the middle ground between short surveys and highly specialized scholarship.

Contributors include: W. Geoffrey Arnott, Angus Bowie, Eric Csapo, Gregory W. Dobrov, J. Richard Green, Stanley Ireland, Heinz-Günther Nesselrath, S. Douglas Olson, Alan H. Sommerstein, Ian Storey, Ralph M. Rosen,
Andreas Willi, Bernhard Zimmermann.

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Gregory W. Dobrov is Associate Professor of Classical Studies at Loyola University Chicago. His publications include Beyond Aristophanes: Transition and Diversity in Greek Comedy (Oxford, 1995), The City as Comedy: Society and Representation in Athenian Drama (Chapel Hill, 1997), and Figures of Play: Greek Drama and Metafictional Poetics (Oxford, 2001).
"En verdad logra este Companion su pretensión de proveer ayuda y estímulo para explorar el corpus cómico griego. Acoge todos los aspectos de la comedia griega, los performativos, los textuales (filológicos, ecdóticos, literarios, lingüísticos) y los socio- históricos. Aunque el griego no aparece transliterado, las traducciones al inglés permiten el acceso a quienes tengan escaso conocimiento de la lengua griega antigua. Es un libro insoslayable para el estudio de la comedia griega, el primero en su género y difícil será de superar." Claudia N. Fernández in Sehepunkte, Ausgabe 11 (2011), Nr. 3

"[...] the contributors to this immensely learned companion will command the attention of both their professional colleagues and the advancing students of classical literature. The thirteen specialists, far from scripting a lengthy rehearsal of hackneyed arguments, have written perceptive and innovative (in certain cases even slightly controversial) introductions to their subjects, while at the same time offering arresting reassessments of important aspects of Greek Comedy. This heavy volume deserves every bit of shelf space it will occupy. Andreas Markantonatos in BMCR, 2011.11.45
List of Contributors

I. Contexts
1. Greek Comedy and Her Critics, Gregory W. Dobrov
2. Comedy, Politics and Society, S. Douglas Olson
3. Greek Comedy: The Material Evidence, Richard Green
4. The Production and Performance of Greek Comedy in Antiquity, Eric Csapo
5. Myth and Ritual in Greek Comedy, Angus Bowie

II. History
6. Origins and Fifth-Century Comedy, Ian Storey
7. Aristophanes, Ralph Rosen
8. Middle Comedy, W. Geoffrey Arnott
9. New Comedy, Stanley Ireland

III. Elements
10. The History of the Text of Aristophanes, Alan H. Sommerstein
11. Comic Fragments: Transmission and Textual Criticism, H.-G. Nesselrath
12. The Structure and Meter of Greek Comedy, B. Zimmermann
13. The Language of Greek Comedy, Andreas Willi

Subject Index
CGC is designed for the advancing student of Ancient Greek Comedy from its origins through Menander. Although a knowledge of Ancient Greek is assumed, the volume will be largely accessible to the general reader interested in literature and history.
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