The Palmyrenes of Dura-Europos

A Study of Religious Interaction in Roman Syria


This volume deals with the religion of Palmyrenes in Dura-Europos during the first three centuries of the Common Era, and focuses upon the religious interaction between this migrant community and their new residence. By studying the religious interaction of distinct groups on a local level, this study aims to contribute to a better understanding of the process of religious development and change in Syria during the Roman period.
Information on the Palmyrenes of Dura-Europos consists primarily of archaeological remains that have been found there. The Palmyrene materials from Dura-Europos have never been published collectively, and for this reason they are enumerated and re-evaluated in the appendix. The book is richly illustrated with 20 figures and 22 plates.

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Lucinda Dirven, Ph.D. (1999) in Theology, University of Leiden, has published on the art and religion of the Near East during the Roman and early Christian periods.
'This interesting and well-organized work is certainly the best book-length study of any aspect of the culture of Dura-Europos, and is simultaneously quite close to being the best available treatment of the religion of Palmyra…Apart from being a highly useful study of fascinating material, and, via the evidence from Dura, an important contribution to the religious history of Palmyra itself, this book offers a model of logic and clarity in approaching the confusing and contested cultural and religious history of the Near East, and should be read by all future students of the area.'
Fergus Millar, Journal of Roman Studies, 2001.
This is an important sociological study…
L.L. Grabbe, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, 2000.
All those interested in ancient Near Eastern religions, comparative religion, Roman history and religion, archaeology and art history.
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