Art as a Pathway to God

A Historical-Theological Study of the Jesuit Mission to China, 1552–1773


This book integrates history, theology, and art and analyzes the Jesuits’ cross-cultural mission in late imperial China. Readers will find a rich collection of resources from historical sites, museums, manuscripts, and archival materials, including previous unpublished works of art. The production and circulation of art from different historical periods and categories show the artistic, theological, and missional values of Christian art. It highlights European Jesuits, Asian Christians, transnationalism, and gives voice to Chinese Christian women and their patronage of art in the seventeenth century. It offers a rare systematic study of the relation between art and mission history.

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Susangeline Yalili Patrick, PhD (2020), Asbury Theological Seminary, is Associate Professor of World Christianity at Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City. She is the author of Christians in the City of Shanghai: A History Resurrected above the Sea (Bloomsbury, 2023).
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1 History, Theology, and Art in Cross-Cultural Mission
2 The Jesuits and Christian Art in China
3 Jesuit Mission and Art in the Late Ming Dynasty (1552–1644)
4 Asian Christians and Art in the Late Ming Dynasty (1552–1644)
5 European Jesuits and Art in the Early Qing Dynasty (1644–1773)
6 Asian Christians and Art in the Early Qing Dynasty (1644–1773)


Institutes, (academic) libraries, specialists, and (post-graduate) students in the fields of intercultural theology, Ming-Qing studies, art history, and mission history.
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