Double Standards in Isaiah

Re-evaluating Prophetic Ethics and Divine Justice


Author: Andrew Davies
Double Standards in Isaiah examines from a reader-orientated perspective the ethical teaching of the largest and most important of the prophetic books, and addresses the most crucial ethical issue in biblical studies: how can Yahweh justly demand such high standards of conduct for his people when he fails to live by them himself?
The author considers the role of this dilemma throughout Isaiah, concluding that the 'double standards' in operation are, for Isaiah, the inevitable by-product of the prophet's vision of Yahweh's exalted status and moral superiority.
This provocative book offers a unique and creative approach to the difficulty of representing the character and conduct of God, and will be essential reading for students of Isaiah and anyone with an interest in the many ethical problems of the Hebrew Bible.

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Andrew Davies, Ph.D. (1998), Department of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield. He is an ordained minister of Assemblies of God, and teaches Old Testament at the Assemblies of God Bible College in Nottinghamshire.
' Many observations in this study are to be warmly welcomed.'
The Expository Times, 2000.
All those interested in Biblical Studies.