The Lukan Passion Narrative. The Markan Material in Luke 22,54 - 23,25

A Historical Survey: 1891-1997


This study traces the debate surrounding Luke's use of the Gospel of Mark and special sources, such as Proto-Luke, in a section of the passion narrative (Lk 22,54-23,25).
The survey covers roughly the period from the 1880's to 1997. Part I details the development from P. Feine to the 1960's. Part II begins with G. Schneider continuing up through 1997. In treating each scholar's position, the author reviews their underlying Synoptic theory, their source theory in the passion in general, then the trial of Pilate, and finally the trial before Herod. Part III is devoted to an interpretation of Lk 23,6 - 16. Part IV contains the list of abbreviations, the bibliography, and three appendices: (1) Special LQ vocabulary and constructions according to J. Weiss; (2) Lukan priority theories; and (3) the Gospel of Peter and its relation to the Herod pericope. Part IV concludes with the name index.
The Lukan Passion Narrative will be particularly useful to those concerned with Luke's redactional technique, Source theories, Minor Agreements, and the history of exegesis.

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Jay M. Harrington, Ph.D., S.T.D. (1998) in Theology, Catholic University Leuven, is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, Missouri. He collaborated on The Gospel of Luke. A Cumulative Bibliography 1973-1988 (Leuven U. Press - Peeters, 1989).
'…I am grateful to Harrington that his work is now among my Lakan collection.
Peter Doble, Novum Testamentum, 2003.
'This valuable work both elucidates the study of the Lukan Passion Narrative and advances the understanding of the Gospel according to Luke in important ways.
Prof. Marion L. Soards, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
'Harrington's work relates a fascinating story of how scholarship has changed, grown, and developed in its understanding of Luke's Passion Narrative, making this work the new starting point for all further research on the Lukan Passion Narrative.
Frank J. Matera, The Catholic University of America.
'...massive and erudite study…'
D. Senior, The Bible Today, 2000.
'...a useful resource for those interested in the history of reserach…'
C.M. Tuckett, Journal of Theological Studies, 2002.
'...the clear and thorough presentation of the source-question in regard to, and especially in regard to the Lukan Passion account; for this immense and successful contribution we can all be grateful.'
John J. Kilgallen, Biblica, 2001.
All those interested in Luke-Acts, The Gospel of Mark, Passion Narratives, the Two-Source theory, special source theories for Luke-Acts, the history of exegesis, the Minor Agreements, the extra-canonical Gospel of Peter.
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