A Global Earth in the Classroom

New Voices in the History of Early Modern Education


This volume offers a scholarly examination of educational history, highlighting the pivotal role of educational practices from the late medieval era to the early modern period. It provides a dynamic forum for emerging academics in the field, revealing fresh, multifaceted perspectives on the educational methods of this era. The work illuminates the sophisticated educational systems that shaped Renaissance Milan's merchants and the education of cantors in royal courts and cathedrals. Spanning from Brazil to India, it traces the extensive reach of Jesuit influence and reveals how their teachings fostered an early consciousness of a globally interconnected world in European education.

Contributors include Bradley Blankemeyer, Laura Madella, Jessica Ottelli, Federico Piseri, David Salomoni, and Carolina Vaz de Carvalho.

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David Salomoni, Ph.D. (1986), is an Assistant Professor in the History of Education at the University for Foreigners of Siena. He has published Educating the Catholic People: Religious Orders and Theirs Schools in Early Modern Italy (2021)
The book is designed for a wide audience. Given the broad subject and global slant it may be of interest to scholars of history of education as well as scholars of global history, but also to Jesuit scholars, and book historians. The book may serve postgraduate students but may also be an object of interest to professors and researchers. Keywords are: Jesuit studies, Colonial Brazil, Portuguese India, Book history, History of Music, Renaissance Italy, Education of the Merchant, History of Geography, Daniello Bartoli, La Sfera.
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